What are technical translations?

What are technical translations?

Translations from and into foreign languages from Polish are quite a heterogeneous group of services. The specificity of interpretation is completely different from that of translation. They also require quite different qualifications from translators. Within a group of translations, there are no separate categories - sworn or not, medical or technical translations, among others. When commissioning a text to be translated, it is important to know what the translator will have to face. This will allow you to choose the right office and person.

Translation - not a simple task

Contrary to appearances, translating written text is not an easy task. It is not enough to know a foreign language to a high degree. What else a good translator should be able to do?

Speak your mother tongue perfectly

Without it, it is difficult to translate from Polish into foreign language and vice versa. The finished text should sound good, not only directly convey the content of the original.

Know how to give a text a form

Formatting a finished text is also an important competence of a translator. This is not only about documents that must be given an official form, but also about ordinary texts. Aesthetics and transparency need to be formatted.

Smoothly use the style

Not every text is in the same style. Translating a court letter requires a completely different sentence than translating an advertising text. A good translator should have enough control over the style to adapt it to the current needs and orders.


Special qualifications

In order to perform specialist translations, you need to know the specifics of a given field. Therefore, medical translators do not lack doctors or medical students, and technical translations are performed by people educated in technical fields. It is also worthwhile to go to a lawyer - translator for legal translation.

What is the essence of technical translations?

In order to make a good technical translation, a translator must not only know the language. He should also be absolutely familiar with the area covered by the text. An instruction manual, a technical specification or a description of a new machine translated literally one to one is likely to be useless.

Technical translations are made mainly in order to introduce new equipment from the foreign market to Poland or, conversely, to disseminate the Polish project in foreign markets. HTML codes, drug leaflets, invoices and technical documentation can also be translated in this way.

What does it take for a translator to make good technical translations? First of all, knowledge of a wide, specialist vocabulary in a given field. In addition, the translator should be able to adapt the text to the recipient. The washing machine's instruction manual is different and should be understood by everyone, and the scientific article on the implementation of the engine prototype, addressed to specialists, is different. If you need technical translations, Krakow will be up to the task - there is no shortage of good offices with highly regarded translators.