How to manage projects in a translation agency?

How to manage projects in a translation agency?

In almost every field of the service industry, project management is like a process that runs from A to Z according to specific rules. The route from the first contact with the customer to the finalisation of the order is rarely strewn with roses, and much more often it requires the full commitment of the person responsible for the project. This is no different in the case of a translation agency. At present, resilient translation companies do not complain about the lack of clients. The reputation and "to be or not to be" of the company depends on the timely execution of a large number of orders. How to skillfully manage the implementation of a large number of projects, while ensuring the timeliness and quality of translations?

Automatic management system

The biggest advantage of the office are undoubtedly experienced translators. However, running an office is also a whole bunch of activities not directly related to linguistic translation. It is also contact with the client, setting rates, accounting and other activities necessary for proper functioning in the company. In order not to fall out of the market with a lot of competition, it is worthwhile to implement software facilitating management in the office. Nowadays, there are tools available which combine many basic activities connected with running a company into one integrated system. Such a tool is XTRF.

What is XTRF?

XTRF is a powerful tool for organizing the work of translation agencies and departments of companies and corporations. The scope of the XTRF programme is very broad. Includes preparation processes related to pricing, translation support and invoicing. The program was developed in Java technology. Allows you to remotely manage the process from any computer with access to the Internet. The integrated system allows for accessible supervision of all stages and activities, which significantly simplifies and shortens the time of work.

Databases and easy contact

The XTRF tool allows you to create databases:

  • Regular customers
  • potential customers to whom it is worthwhile to turn with an offer
  • subcontractors and translators
  • executed orders
  • pricelists
  • Revenue and expenses

Skillfully managed database of customers and subcontractors allows for easy communication with them from the level of the program platform as e-mail.

Accounting and financial flow analysis

The program is equipped with an easy to use accounting system. It deals with automatic dispatch of invoices and control of overdue payments. The Cash Flow module, which is part of the software, allows you to analyse the probability of expected financial flows. Registration of completed orders allows for automation of consecutive project procedures.

Cloud management

The management software allows you to work from almost any location, saving you the cost of your premises. The project manager can at any time communicate with translators, most of whom work remotely. All data is stored in the "cloud", which releases it from storage on media and allows access to all the necessary information at any time of day or night.

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