Rectangular Body Shape - What to Wear?

Rectangular Body Shape - What to Wear?

Buying clothes seems to be quite pleasing activity for many women, who simply love to look for new additions to their wardrobe. However, there is a group of ladies, who hate it. And one of the reasons of such situation is the fact that they are not sure what kind of clothes suits their body shape. But it is really not that hard to learn few things on how to choose between many different styles, to emphasize our strong points and hide the flaws.

Rectangular Body Shape - Is It Your Type?

More or less 46 percent of all women has rectangular body shape. You might also heard about straight or athletic body type, but they all mean the same. In this particular body shape, weight is evenly spread in the whole body, and because of it hips, waist and hips are about the same. And what are the other characteristics of this specific shape? These are:

  • no visible curves
  • hips and shoulders measurements are almost the same
  • waist is straight up and down

Find the right top!

Women with rectangular figure need to remember that even their "boyish" body shape can be turned over into their strong point. All they have to do is to emphasize their thin profile and create some curves with a proper clothing. If you want to work with your upper body, draw some attention to your shoulders, arm and collarbones, but also don't forget about adding some volume to the bust zone and exaggerating your waist.

You can achieve it, for example with halter or racerback style tops, but any kind of strapless clothes may also perfectly highlight your wonderful upper body. Also get some blouses, sweaters or shirts with scoop or rounded neckline, and V-neck, cowl or crew necklines, which will additionally elongate your neck. Some frills, ruffles or embellishments in the bust area will make it look a little bit bigger, and will add more femininity to your figure.

rectangular body shape wear

As a representative of women with rectangular body shape you can also choose from many different coats and jackets, such as dusters, bomber jackets, peacoats and generally any flowy outwear. If you want to highlight your waistline, you may do it by picking cropped and elastic waist styles.

You won't have much problem with finding a dress that suits your body type, as women with rectangular figures can wear most styles. The only question is which part of your body you want to highlight. If you want to show off your legs, get a mini dress, but if you prefer to draw attention to you bust, pick a strapless dress or the one with plunging neckline. Of course, in case you need to work on your waistline, you should find an option with a belt or just add one to your outfit.

Jeans and Dresses Ideal for Rectangular Shaped Bodies

Skinny jeans, leggings and structured trousers will be a great choice if you match them with a loose or oversized top. However, in flares and boot-cut style trousers you may look taller and slimmer if that is your issue. Women who on the other hand would rather appear as a little bit smaller can pick wide-legs, flowy or cargo styles and gathered waists trousers.