Fashion - spring dresses for the wedding 2019

Fashion - spring dresses for the wedding 2019

Going to the wedding of your friend, friend or acquaintance, and wondering what outfit is right for you? A wedding is undoubtedly a special holiday, requiring equally exceptional outfit. Choosing the right dress is often more difficult than choosing your own wedding dress. How to dress so that it wouldn't be too evening, and at the same time comfortable and dazzling?

Replace white with pastels

Of course, the first and inviolable rule is: don't put on a white dress. On this day it is the Bride who should shine and stand out from the crowd. If you feel good in light shades, it is a good idea to reach for light, subdued pastels, which will be perfect for this occasion. The hit of spring and summer 2019 are light shades of yellow, pink and blue, and the most desirable combination is a duo of mint and pink.

Choose intense colours instead of black

White and black are colours that will not work for such a joyful celebration as a wedding. While white is forbidden because of the bride's dress, black should be omitted, because this color is associated with a funeral. However, if you're not comfortable with pastels, choose Parisian blue, juicy yellow, orange or lavender, which is fashionable this season.

Patterned dresses for a wedding

The spring-summer 2019 season is full of patterns.... especially those resembling old-fashioned wallpapers. For a long time this trend has been promoted by the Gucci brand. Some of the patterns are floral, others dense, many of which are distinguished by subdued colours. Are "wallpaper" patterns suitable for a wedding? Fine! It is only worth remembering not to exaggerate. Rich design can interfere with the idea of a refined party. Straight cut to give your dress a cocktail elegance. Certainly easier than a dress with the pattern of old wallpaper, it is easier to reach for floral, delicate patterns that will never come out of fashion and will always be characterized by ladies who want to look girlish and airy.

Dress in the style of the 1920s.

Cocktail dresses from the 1920s and 1930s also return to fashion. Particularly noteworthy are dresses made of airy materials with feathers and fringes. You are probably wondering whether a dress with such decorations is suitable for a wedding ceremony. Fine! You just have to be careful not to exaggerate with the amount of additives. If you decide to wear e.g. a dress with feathers, it is worth to have the dress in one or two colours.

Accessories for wedding dresses

If you have already bought a dress, it's time to think about accessories. If our creation is monochromatic and simple, it is worth betting on a wealth of accessories. Remember, however, that spinners cannot overshadow our dress. Jewelry is designed to emphasize our beauty, not to suppress it. When it comes to shoes.... only those on the heel! The shuttle on the platform is back in fashion. This is a convenient alternative to not always comfortable pins, so you may not need to change shoes with a flat heel. Which dresses do you like the most?