Buying clothes in second-hand - pros and cons!

Buying clothes in second-hand - pros and cons!

Once associated with people with a less affluent wallet, today full of instagrames and cupboards looking for ideas for new styles. Of course, we are talking about lumpexes, i.e. second-hand clothing stores. Are you wondering if it is worth buying in them? Here are all the pros and cons - check it out and make a decision!

Advantages of buying in second-hand shops

Why is it worth buying in lumpexes? Here are some of the advantages that are worth mentioning here:

- lumpexes are cheap - you can get dressed as you like, without spending money,

- In lumpexes you can find real gems - e.g. dresses or handbags from well-known designers, or even whole series ends that have not been sold. You only have to look for it well!

- clothes bought in the second handy are much more durable than those from power cords. Think about it logically - since the second hand sweater is already looking for a second owner and still looks good, it will probably serve you for a long time to come.

clothes in lumpexes

- lumpexes give a lot of room for creative people to show off, who can combine seemingly incompatible elements with each other. If you have this sense, the second hand will be a gold mine for you,

- buying in lumpexes is also a real treat for people who have their own sewing machine and are able to make small sewing corrections on their own. Too big a dress, too wide a blouse or ripped skirt seam is not a problem for someone who has the right skills. It only takes a moment and the clothes will be like new - and you will gain another gem for the collection.

Is there anything to be afraid of?

A few or a dozen years ago there was a legend in the world about how American lumpex sold clothes soaked in dead venom. Although it is not known whether it is worth believing in these rumours to the end, today such a situation could not happen. Worn clothing is subject to very strict disinfection regulations - hence the specific smell that you feel when you enter such a shop. So you don't have to worry about your health, but wash your lumpy clothes anyway - the disinfectant is also not too delicate for your skin and can cause allergies. You should also thoroughly wash the hands with which you touched with the lumpy clothes - the middle can easily get into the eyes or to a more sensitive area of the body and cause more problems.

Buy with your head!

Beginning your adventure with lumpy shopping, it's not difficult to fall into a real shopping frenzy - after all, everything is so cheap there! Be careful - it's only a step away from here to shopaholism and gathering, which are dangerous for your wallet as well as for your psyche. Before you buy something, always think if you really need it. After all, you already have 5 black shirts - what will you do with the sixth one, even if you buy it for nothing? Go shopping with your head and you're sure to find something that will catch your eye - and your wardrobe will be enriched with a few original items!

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