The most interesting smartphones for women - TOP 7

The most interesting smartphones for women - TOP 7

When it comes to smartphones, we have many interesting proposals to choose from. A few lenses, a large battery, a large screen, a sturdy design - everyone has to look for something suitable for themselves. Women will certainly also pay attention to aesthetics.

Telephones for women

If we pay attention to the offer of smartphones, we will quickly notice that the functionality often goes into the background and just in the first place has a significant appearance. Apparently, this is also important for users, as can be seen from discussions on smartphones, e.g. at the time when devices with the so-called note appeared. That's why we pay attention to devices that stand out in terms of appearance, we choose devices that women may like.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Rosso

Apparently it is a device that is not too beautiful. These are angular shapes from Sony. Here, however, we have an option in red color, the shapes of this phone certainly stand out from the competition. The smartphone itself gets a unique 4K screen with HDR function, which improves color saturation and contrast.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Lilac Purple

For fans of large devices Samsung offers the latest device from the Galaxy family. Buying this smartphone is practically a guarantee of top components, great camera and appearance. In the proposed version we will find a violet color, which looks really interesting with a frameless option. There is also a large 6.2 inch screen and a resolution of 1444×2960 pixels.

Ranking of phones for women

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Pink Gold

Galaxy S7 is a cheaper option compared to the previous model from the same manufacturer. It is a device that two years ago was at the top and then few constructions could match it. At present, however, there is still nothing to be ashamed of. Beautiful women will surely appreciate this device in pink.

Motorola Moto G5s Gold and Huawei P9 Lite Gold

These budget smartphones are very popular already behind them, but still Moto fifth generation can boast stable performance despite the fact that the components are modest. This is due, among other things, to the fact that we get pure Android here. The P9 Lite is the weaker version of the flagship from Huawei, which is distinguished by its nice appearance and good workmanship quality. The device has quite a good camera for this price shelf. Both smartphones have a display above 5 inches and a battery capacity of 3000 mAh.

LG V30 Raspberry Rose version

This model can be distinguished from quite fresh devices on the market. It looks particularly nice in the raspberry version. However, it costs a lot, but we get good options, the display is OLED 6 inches and Snapdragon 835. In terms of the components used, it is simply a top device.

iPhone 8 Rose Gold

This combination could not do without great and stylish Apple equipment. This is an Iphone8 model in rose gold, which appeared at the beginning and aroused a lot of controversy. Today such emotions are no longer aroused, although it must be admitted that it looks really interesting and many women will like it.