Wix integration with Dropex logistics software - Dropex

Wix integration with Dropex logistics software - Dropex

Automation of fulfillment processes with Dropex API

Until recently, employees (and sometimes owners) of online stores had to manually enter information about the order status, independently send SMS notifications to customers and constantly be in touch with transport companies so that the products would not get lost somewhere between point A and point B. However, technology does not stand still: today computer programs are capable of performing many routine, but important operational processes and thereby minimizing errors that a person can make in one way or another. All you need to do is to integrate your online store with the Dropex order fulfillment service via API.

Benefits of automatic order processing for Wix

If you want to facilitate business management and optimize logistics, the best solution would be to delegate some of the tasks to an order fulfillment provider. For example, with Dropex, you will forget about such routine tasks as receiving, processing, picking and delivering orders and be able to focus on scaling your business. And if you want to check how things are going, you can always track the status of any task through our API.

Fast Wix integration with Dropex logistics software

Synchronizing Dropex with your online store platform is easy. The whole process will take up to 5 business days.

Our API is fast and stable, so there is no need for you to worry about interruptions in the system functioning. To connect the software, contact a Dropex manager. They will advise you in detail on each stage of integration and answer all your questions.

Powerful software for optimizing Wix order fulfillment

Dropex online fulfillment greatly simplifies the administration of logistics processes. Here is why.

Simple integration and easy management

Our logistics software is easy to use and intuitive, even for those who are not familiar with the software. You will be able to quickly understand everything and not change the usual business processes.

Automatic order fulfillment

The information is automatically pulled into our system, so at any time, you can find out at what stage the fulfillment of a particular order is.

Automated returns management

If the customer has refused the parcel, we issue a return: we inspect the products for damage, identify, mark, repackage and place them in storage or give them to you, and, of course, return the money to the customer. Dropex allows us to do all this much faster. Plus, you can track your progress in real time.

Complete warehouse management

For a successful e-commerce business, it is very important to understand which product is still in stock and which one is out of stock. With Dropex online order fulfillment, it will not be difficult to control the balances as you will be able to find out the state of affairs in a few clicks.

The importance of outsourcing and automation of order fulfillment

An order fulfillment provider with high-quality logistics software greatly simplifies and speeds up most of the operational processes. To summarize, let us reassess exactly how the automation of order fulfillment with Dropex will help you.

Saving time and resources

Computer programs do some things much better and faster than humans. This includes searching, storing and processing information, calculating data and much more. Thus, by integrating your online store with Dropex, you significantly reduce the lead time and save money that would have to be paid to employees for similar work.

Minimizing errors

Automation of some operational tasks speeds up their fulfillment and insures against mistakes that even the most experienced specialists can sometimes make.

Full control

Dropex logistics software allows you to track the progress of orders and, if necessary, change the address, add or remove products, edit the selected colors and sizes and much more.

Increasing customer loyalty

Logistics optimization helps you organize a decent level of service, meet expectations and turn new customers into regular ones.

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