5 Tech Tips for Smart Travelers

5 Tech Tips for Smart Travelers

Who doesn't love to travel? At least once a year everyone should reward him- or herself with a nice holiday trip. The most important thing is to rest – and to achieve it, every traveler should think about facilities first. We are proud to present you a few tech tips – keep them in mind this summer, no matter if yo are traveling abroad for a few weeks or just going to a trip out of town for a weekend.

1. Backup Your Devices

Even if you think that you won't ever lose your devices – just do it. Losing pricey gadgets obviously comes together with a financial loss. There is one worse thing though – losing precious data. Beloved photos, messages, phone contacts, even app histories – all of them might be gone within a few seconds. To avoid such situation, back up all your necessary information and save it on your hard drive, laptop or using a reliable cloud storage. You should also back up your crucial travel documents and the itinerary. The cloud is the best option for emergency situation – it is easy to access and you can reach the data quickly anywhere and anytime. One of perfect apps to consider is called Evernote. It lets users save PDF files, notes and contact numbers, so they can access them from any smart device they have.

2. Take Care of Insurance

If you travel abroad, it requires tight deadlines, stop-overs and finding yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. While rushing around and constantly moving from place to place, it is easy to lose even the most important gadgets. Make sure you find the travel insurance which suits your needs and if any of your tech devices is stolen or lost, you won't stay with an empty wallet.

power bank

3. Back-up Charger / Powerbank

Airports, long-haul flights and trains are not conductive to charging the phone any time you want. The same goes with incompatible power adaptors. Take a back-up charger or/and a powerbank with you, but don't forget to charge it at home! Thanks to that you won't get caught in the red!

4. Route Calls

Do you have a MyNetFone VoIP service? Well, you should have. If so, there is a possibility to route all incoming calls to your mobile or – if you prefer so – directly to the landline at your destination. Use the follow-me service to receive all important phone calls even if you are far far away from home. When calls are routed like this, your family and closest friends won't pay a fortune to talk with you – they will only pay the standard cost of an ordinary local call.

5. Carry-on Gadgets

Not only Hollywood actors lose their luggage – really, it happens all the time, and it can also happen to you. Keep in mind that damaged or lost luggage is rarely covered by airlines: most of the times the cost is on passenger. It is not smart to take such huge risk. Pack all valuable tech gadgets in your carry-on luggage (bag, backpack) instead and keep your eye on them all the time so they could arrive to your destination safely.

We hope that you will follow our tips at the earliest opportunity. Enjoy your free time and don't worry about technology at least for a moment!


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