Pear Shaped Body - What to Wear?

Pear Shaped Body - What to Wear?

Women sometimes do not like the way that their body is shaped, but as long as we cannot do much about it, we should learn how to make it look more flattering. There are many different ways in which we may change our appearance, just by using the right clothes and accessories. All we need to do is to gather some essential information, and realize what our body type is.

Pear Body Shape – Is It Your Type?

As it turns out, about 20 percent of women have pear shaped body, which is characterized by weight concentrating in the lower parts of the it. It is often referred to as the opposite shape to the apple body type, as women that represent it are generally bottom-heavy. But what are the other features of the pear type? These are:

  • Hips larger than bust
  • Slim arms and shoulders
  • Wider, fuller and more mascular legs
  • Thick thighs

Find the Right Top

Emphasizing the upper part of your body is the key. That is why you need to pay some extra attention to tops, which can easily help you do the trick. Remember that every piece of such clothing, which is well-fitted and structured, will make your narrow waist more noticeable and it will also define the shoulders.

The plunging V-necks are a perfect choice, but don’t forget about scoop and boat necks as well. If you want to show off your bust, choose the heart-shaped neckline. And if you feel comfortable in strapless tops, go ahead and wear them, as they also look great on per shaped women!

Also, don’t be afraid of bright colours and some bold patterns, because they work well on pear figures. They draw attention to your upper body and make it look broader, which should be your aim. You can achieve it also by putting on some extra layers, like cardigans, tank tops or blouses.

clothes for pear shape

Coats and jackets are another important pieces of clothing which may help you look even better and more stylish. A-line and princess cuts are made for pear shaped bodies, but waist-length jackets are also something you should definitely consider buying. Basically, any kind of outwear which hits the mid-thigh will be a good choice for you.

Dresses are an important part of almost every woman wardrobe. Ladies with pear shaped figures should try on some A-lines styles or those with tulip-skirts. If you want to elongate your body and slenderize hips and thighs, look for hemline that hits little bit below the knee. Always pay attention to the top part of your dress, and pick the ones with embellished necklines, belted styles and bell sleeves as they look simply stunning and show off your upper body.

Jeans and Pants Ideal for Pear Shaped Bodies

In case of the pear shaped figures, you don’t want to emphasize the lower parts of your body. And to accomplish it, you should try to pick mostly dark coloured pants and jeans, like black, navy or grey, as they give a great slimming effect. The shape you choose is also very important. The most flattering pants are straight leg or those flared at the bottom. Don’t go with skinny jeans, as they will draw too much attention to your hips. The same as any trousers with embellishments in the upper part of them.