Meet the Mercedes AMG

Meet the Mercedes AMG

Mercedes is a German company that does not need to be recommended to anyone. The brand is considered to be one of the most prestigious and at the same time the oldest in the world in the category of passenger cars. However, not only passenger cars, but also delivery vans, trucks and buses are produced under it. AMG, the company of Daimler AG, responsible for the construction of series sports cars in Mercedes-Benz, was founded in 1967. What should I know about Mercedes AMG cars and how can I test them? What are the terms and conditions for renting Mercedes AMG cars?

The first Mercedes AMG

The first version of the AMG Mercedes-Benz AMG was launched in June 2013. It is a substantially modified serial version of the Mercedes-Benz. The changes include a wide range of engine modifications, reprogrammed and modified automatic transmission, modified suspension and other high-performance braking systems. There are also numerous changes in the appearance of the vehicle. These include other upholstery, seats, trim, indicators, altered bumpers, rims and aerodynamic elements. It is worth mentioning that Mercedes-Benz is guided by the principle of "one man, one engine", which means that each AMG engine is assembled by one person who is responsible for this assembly. On the finished engine there is a badge with the name and surname of the mechanic who assembled the engine.

Mercedes AMG - rental

The Mercedes AMG is one of the best and most versatile cars for everyday use. At the same time, it is a vehicle that no one can pass by indifferently and that certainly makes an impression. Sit back and feel comfortable behind the wheel and feel like a road king. Car rental is a great opportunity to test your Mercedes AMG. It will work well in everyday situations as well as on special occasions. It is reliable and will certainly meet the requirements of the most demanding drivers. You can rent a car for as long as you need it, starting from one hour. The price depends on the period of time for which you rent a car and the number of kilometres driven. Sometimes you must be at least 21 years old to rent a car.

Mercedes AMG

Mercedes AMG A45

In July 2015, a version of the Mercedes AMG A45 was released. It is referred to as a small town hatchback. This is a car that you can easily park in any place, transport 5 people comfortably and put things in the trunk. On the other hand, it is a real racing car. The vehicle's power has been increased by 21 horsepower. It is equipped with four-wheel drive to ensure that such a large overcapacity is fully transferred to the asphalt. The maximum speed of the car is 270 km/h. This is performance that would be unthinkable in such a small car one day. In addition to its excellent performance, this model also has a racial sound that makes it hard to pass by indifferently. Anyone who will be around will surely look behind this vehicle and although not everyone will be able to see it in time, they will certainly hear it. It is also worth noting the original, sporty look of the car and the quality of the finish. Seats are comfortable, but their task is not to provide relaxation, only great grip while driving around corners and a sense of sporty character. The partly alcantara-covered steering wheel fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and the carbon-fibre-coated cockpit complements the driving experience of a racing car.