How to Pick a School Bag?

How to Pick a School Bag?

Choosing a good, trendy and sturdy bag can be difficult – that's why we've prepared some useful tips for you. Pick a school bag carefully and it will stay with you for years!

1. Consider your needs

Take a closer look at your supply list (your school should provide you something like this). Do you have to carry a lot of books and workbooks with you? Will you be using a laptop or a tablet? Answers for such questions affect both the size and type of the bag you actually need. If you're going to take your mini-computer with you every day, measure it and focus on bags with a perfectly sized laptop pocket.

2. School rules

Find out if there's any backpack policy in your school. Some institutions have their rules concerning the type, style or even color of rucksacks. There's no need to look very far – certain schools don't allow messenger bags or rolling backpacks.

3. Your comfort is the basis

Do you have some special medical needs, for example back problems? Take them into consideration. Your school bag shouldn't cause you more trouble. Tote bags or some other models carried on one shoulder won't be good choice in such situation.

4. Advantages and disadvantages

Weigh both the positive and negative attributes while selecting your school bag. Examples of disadvantages are: too small size, too expensive, unoriginal, not durable (too delicate and short-lived), not eye-catching, not waterproof, wrong style, unfashionable (embarrassing pattern or color), too brave (parents or teachers won't allow it). Pros are the opposite. You should start with considering all the unnecessary attributes before you even visit any shop. Thanks to this your decision won't be too stressful.

5. Sufficiently large capacity

Your school bag has to hold all your things. Let's think about it for a minute. What else might you take to school except the basic supply? A phone, an iPod, a small cosmetic bag, some additional projects, shoes to change? Before you get your bag, decide what goes inside first. Then you will know what backpack size (and how many pockets) you actually need.

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6. Stay organized

Pockets, dividers, and zipper compartments are always a good idea. They allow you to stay organized, especially if they come in various sizes. In little, hidden compartments you can hold your personal, valuable things. Separate area for food and water bottle holder might be helpful too. You don't want to spill liquids and have the crumbs everywhere, do you?

7. Durability

How durable do you want your backpack to be? It should be one of the crucial factors while making a purchase – it will save your money in the long perspective. Consider models made out of canvas or nylon – they''ll stay with you for years. Please note: quality brands shall provide replacement warranties!

8. Brand

Reputable brand is always a good choice. If you have a limited budget, you don't have to spent a lot of money to your school bag. Find some reliable brands and look for a special occasion to buy their products (Black Friday, seasonal sale, the end of the collection, etc).

9. Style & fashion

Don't choose a school bag which is good (big enough, comfortable, light, sturdy) but doesn't appeal to you. A backpack has the same importance as your clothes or shoes – you wear it every day, so you have to like it!

Choose the color you love, a special, floral or geometric print or a model with a funny, hipster sign. Nowadays the funkiest and trendiest backpacks are the ones made by Fjällräven Kånken, Herschel and STATE brands.