Discover the best apps for locating lost smartphones

Discover the best apps for locating lost smartphones

I don't think anyone would like to lose their phone. This is because it is associated with a large dose of stress. In addition, important data can be lost.... Fortunately, there are applications that allow you to locate lost hardware. Interestingly, some of them also give you a chance to find out in a flash where the phones of our little ones are located, and thus also their owners.

Thanks to the applications, it is possible to assess whether children are at school or have decided to make truancy.... Discover the best devices in this category.

Find My Device

This is the most universal program in this category for Android devices, which allows you to search for various elements (including phones, but also, for example, tablets or watches, etc.). Google is responsible for the program. The application not only allows you to track the location of lost equipment. In addition, the user can erase data from a lost model, run a ringtone (even if the model is muted) or display a specific message on the screen, etc. The user can also erase data from a lost model, run a ringtone (even if the model is muted) or display a specific message on the screen. In order for the application to work well, it requires constant communication with the mobile network, as well as an active GPS module.


This is a bit more powerful locator of lost electronic devices with the Android system. The application gives a bit more options than standard programs. Cerberus allows you to check your current position, display messages, lock it with a code, and start a loud ringtone - even when your phone is muted. What's interesting, the application also gives you a chance to take pictures from a lost device, capture the last conversations or record sounds from the environment. Of course, nothing stands in the way of erasing data from the phone, if there is information that under no circumstances should fall into the wrong hands. This application is more suitable for people who are afraid of equipment theft. The capabilities of the program give a chance to quickly locate a potential thief. In addition, Cerberus works in the background without displaying its icon in the application list.

Google Locator

Fameelee Locator

With the help of this program you can find several mobile phones that belong to family members. Nothing stands in the way of using mechanisms that are based on GPS and WiFi. Above all, however, such an application is addressed to parents, so that they can track the location of the devices belonging to their children. People who are connected to the network of devices can send each other so-called "panic signals", i.e. messages indicating that something wrong is happening and that intervention is needed. You can also set the function that will send notifications to the management device if one of your phones moves too fast. The application is available on Android and iOS phones.


Prey allows you to locate your devices using the GPS module installed in your phone. The application is also able to read the MAC addresses. Therefore, even if the SIM card or IP address is changed, it will be possible to prove that it is the device of a specific person. For example, you can also take pictures with stolen or lost devices, display messages or delete information from a specific model.

To sum up, a great application for locating purchased hardware is Find My Device from Google. Cerberus and Prey have more advanced features. Fameelee Locator is a variant that allows for effective tracking of users connected to the family network.

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