How do I get my fortune?

How do I get my fortune?

If your debtor does not pay the money within the time limit set, it is time to use the services of a bailiff. His task will be to collect the appropriate amount of money, and if the debtor turns out to be insolvent in cash, the task of the bailiff will be to call for payment, and then put the debtor's real estate and movable property up for auction.

Often the debtor rewrites his assets to third parties in order to hide his assets. This makes him/her insolvent and the bailiff can then close the case due to the insolvency of the debtor. It often happens that the bailiff enters into an informal agreement with the debtor, thus they come to an agreement to conduct the case in such a way as to declare insolvency. At this point, a detective may step in to investigate the case. Acting on behalf of the client, he will conduct a private investigation in complete discretion. He will not only check all the debtor's assets, but also examine the case of possible contacts with the bailiff. If it turns out through an investigation that a violation of the law has taken place, then the evidence prepared by the detective may be useful in bringing a lawsuit. The court admits to the case in the form of evidence all documentation prepared by a detective.

The bailiff may also cooperate with the detective in order to scan the material situation in which the debtor is in. It may turn out that he has deliberately rewritten all properties to third parties, operates in the black zone and lives at a high financial level. In such a case, the data may be used to file a lawsuit in order to check the actual possession of the property. If he was deliberately prescribing his property and had already incurred a debt, he may be charged with a Pauline complaint through legal proceedings.

detective and bailiff

If the debtor has no assets, the investigator will collect the necessary evidence in the case to easily demonstrate that the social status of the debtor is inconsistent with the data presented. If the property has been illegally rewritten to the owner of a law firm, you will be able to demand cash from the sale. After a very detailed investigation by a detective, as well as the disclosure of other circumstances on the basis of which it will be possible to sue the debtor, it is possible to leave the offer unrejectable to the debtor. Usually the debtor, out of fear of revealing many issues, will gladly report to pay off the debt.

If the detective presents the current financial situation of the debtor, an action may be brought before the court to present the actual financial situation of the debtor. By way of a court hearing, the debtor will be obliged to present in detail the income received, will have to give a detailed account of the place of employment, its taxation and explanation of the purchase of all the elements constituting the assets. Any debtor whose debt repayment case is brought before the court, is then entered on the list of debtors in the National Court Register. If he is currently running a business, then the person claiming repayment of the debt can block his business by simple procedure. It is sufficient for the creditor to apply for a ban on the debtor's activity.

So, if you ever want to enter into a financial relationship with someone, it is always better to secure yourself. It is enough to have the contractor checked by a bailiff. All data available for public information are not sufficient in the assessment of the counterparty's receivables. Here we need the support of a detective, who conducts an investigation on the basis of which they have examined the contractor's past, determine the contractor's debts, check if there has ever been a debt collection proceedings against him, as well as examine his assets and financial situation. Thanks to this information, it is possible to avoid possible problems with the counterparty's solvency in the future.

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