Can diet catering be ECO?

Can diet catering be ECO?

If you care about the planet, you may wonder whether diet catering can be ECO. We dispel your doubts.

You may be asking yourself whether you, by using catering, are not contributing to the destruction of the natural environment. We also care about the environment, so protecting it is part of our everyday work.

Not only plastic

We are the first on the market to really offer the option of eco packaging. Trays are made of cellulose pulp and sealed on top with eco film - both materials are 100% biodegradable. The product supplied to us by a leading Spanish manufacturer has many major certifications, including OK compost. ECO packaging is compostable and 100% biodegradable. Additionally, if you need us to supply you with cutlery, you will also receive it in a compostable version, made from corn pulp.

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You do NOT waste food

Using diet catering you always have exactly the amount of food you need. You do not do the shopping, so you do not risk buying unnecessary products or in too large quantities. Thanks to this you do not waste food.

They also do NOT waste food

Planning is fundamental in any business. Through years of experience diet catering mastered this skill to perfection. Since we know in advance how many meals are needed to produce, they order exactly as many raw materials as we need. This is one of the reasons why you order your catering two days in advance.

We eliminate unnecessary packaging

We buy many raw materials in bulk cartons or reusable boxes, which limits the use of plastic packaging. For example, you will not find vegetables, each of which is individually wrapped in plastic, or nuts in large plastic bags filled with air.

Paper bags

You receive catering in paper bags, which you can use several times. And once the bag is used up, you throw it in the recycled paper so it can be recycled. Such a paper bag is also a great "container" for the recycled garbage we produce at home.

Less emissions

Delivery routes are planned meticulously. The delivery points are arranged sequentially to keep the route as short as possible. This also helps us to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Each driver is able to deliver up to 50 customers within his area on any given day! Imagine that each of these people gets into their own car and drives to the store to buy groceries. You can avoid that.

As you probably know, our planet is going through a worse time right now. Our job is to help it! Let's do it together, switch to the Eco version feel proud of doing something good.