Business card for a lawyer - what should it be?

Business card for a lawyer - what should it be?

A lawyer giving a business card to a client is a situation to which we are accustomed. We expect this. This is why lawyers should provide a well-designed, effective business card that will give them a good first impression. What distinguishes a lawyer's business card or must it be boring? What rules should be followed in order to create a suitable project? Are there any specific issues that need to be taken into account?

Special professional group

Business cards for lawyers can boldly be called exclusive - because it is a specific professional group. The business card emphasizes the status and is one of the elements building the first impression, so important in this profession. Being a lawyer, it is simply not a good idea not to have a business card to give to the partner in the conversation. The request to enter your data on the phone or on a piece of paper will be doubly unprofessional here. It costs a lot - the beginnings of trust. Research shows that people quite commonly draw conclusions about a lawyer by looking at his business card. In this way, a bond of trust is created, which is so important in cooperation with the customer.

How to make a business card emphasize professionalism and encourage further cooperation?

Between "classical" and "boring

When designing a lawyer's business card, it is better not to be too crazy with extravagance or visual creativity. It is better to focus on classic and elegant design, and also put on a small cardboard rather little information and content. A classic business card, however, does not have to be boring and the same as all of them. It is a real art, to design a business card that is both minimalist and distinctive at the same time.

Business card for a lawyer

Printing techniques such as enriching foils are helpful. A lawyer's business card must not contain direct advertising slogans. Writing "the most effective lawyer in Warsaw" is hardly associated with elegance and professionalism. Moreover, such a movement may be regarded as an infringement of the rights of professional ethics. Much better is the motto or sentence on the business card - although this is absolutely not a necessary element.

Ethics and business card design

Legal ethics is a very important issue. A lawyer's business card may not contain content about which there are doubts about truthfulness. It is worth taking care to provide all the data necessary for the customer to contact and start cooperation. This is a particularly sensitive issue in the United States - there are regulations in place to regulate what may be on the lawyer's business card! What's more, they differ from state to state. So it is worth paying attention to this if we want to distribute business cards abroad.

A few words at the end

A legal business card must immediately communicate "exclusiveness". It should be professional, devoid of unnecessary elements and decorations. It must contain all the data necessary for communication and be designed in a transparent manner. However, this does not mean obligatory boredom. You can create a business card that is both professional and eye-catching - all you need to do is to be inspired by the finished projects.

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