5 tips to improve productivity at work or in business

5 tips to improve productivity at work or in business

​Short deadlines, tight budgets ... Do you want your employees to remain productive and maintain morale?

Small increases now and then are fine, but there are other solutions. Indeed, it is possible to differently reward employees who are proud to be there and conscientiously do their work.

Studies show that job satisfaction is key to fostering employee engagement, loyalty, and productivity. Here are five tips to promote employee satisfaction and performance without breaking the bank.

Don't drown them under an excessive workload:

This is the very first tip, and it is very important. Employers tend to overload their best people because they know the job will be (well) done. This is a big mistake. Many studies point out that excessive workload and too dense planning are harmful and lead to a drop in productivity.

Therefore, avoid adding additional load to your top performers. They would experience this as a punishment and certainly not as a reward for their efforts. On the contrary, stay reasonable and let them take their breath away: they will be more productive and you will gain!

Reward their efforts:

Supplementary health and restaurant tickets are basic benefits and are taken for granted today. Think of other benefits to show how much you value the work of your teams.

More paid time off, a free gym membership, company-paid lunches… These are just some of the benefits you could offer them to make them feel recognized and perform their best. Don't just meet their expectations, exceed them!

Offer training:

The opportunity to develop their skills and advance in their career is important to everyone.

A job without prospects, without the possibility of learning or advancement, is demotivating and leads to a decrease in productivity.

To make your employees more satisfied, more competent, and more efficient, invest in training.

These don't need to be institutional or expensive. Online training is convenient and inexpensive. Think of educational tools such as webinars, open courses, etc.

You can also send your employees to conferences, company seminars, or offer them language courses.

The more you encourage their personal development, the more they will feel appreciated, and the more productive they will be.

Involve them!

Commitment rhymes with loyalty and productivity. Clearly state the goals of your company and emphasize the role your employees play in them. Be transparent and allow them to participate in decision making.

All of this requires dialogue and communication. A leader who says one thing and does another demotivates his staff. Be sure to ask them for their opinions and feedback on company goals, projects, and assignments.

Employees who know their opinion matters identify with the company and are systematically more productive.

Bet on friendliness and team spirit:

Leaders who distance themselves are rarely the best. Forge personal bonds with your employees, while remaining professional. Just avoid intrusions into their privacy.

Try to become friends with them. Get to know them, call them by the first name, and don't forget their birthday. It cheers them up because they see you care.

Another way to create a pleasant working environment while increasing productivity is to encourage collaboration. Teamwork not only loosens the mood but also boosts performance. However, remember, you have to have fun too! To boost the satisfaction and productivity of your workforce, organize team-building parties, weekends, and other events.


A happy employee is a successful employee. A good salary is important, but there are other ways to make your employees happier and more engaged.

Do not overdo their workload, reward their efforts, encourage training and involvement, create an atmosphere relaxed and caring, you will have a much more productive work environment.

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