Wilton G. McDonald II (Cayman Islands) ‒ innovations as a key to success

Wilton G. McDonald II (Cayman Islands) ‒ innovations as a key to success

When offered a position as a senior associate in a small firm in Grand Cayman, Dr. Wilton G. McDonald might not expect that the hard work he’d be putting in it would give him an opportunity to become a winner of the Originate! 2008 Rainmaker of the year. Let’s take a closer look at the profile of successful attorney, Director and a man who knows that hard work always pays when you want to build up a small legal practice.

Thorough education           

When finding out more about Dr. Wilton McDonald you can notice that his educational path is very impressive. Dr Wilton McDonald II completed a BSc/ BBA degree from Northern Caribbean University, an MBA from Andrews University, a Bachelor of Law (2:1 Hons) degree from University College London, a Master of Law degree from Fordham Law School, and also completed the residence requirement for the Doctor of Judicial Science degree at Cornell Law School in Ithaca NY.

Furthermore, he successfully completed studies in Europe. After obtaining a certificate in company law Université de Paris I and the Panthéon-Sorbonne, he completed pre and post –doctoral studies in finance and economics at two universities in Poland, including the Warsaw School of Economics.

Outstanding career

Dr. Wilton McDonald II has over 26 years of experience ‒ public accounting, financial services, setting up over 800 hedge funds and working closely with start-ups and as well as “blue chip” investment fund managers, administrators and onshore counsel, who were primarily based pretty much around the whole world: in the USA, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Brazil, Hong Kong/ China, UAE Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Russia and Japan. You can see, how successful his career was from the beginning.

Investment funds practice gave Dr. Wilton McDonald II great opportunity for more experience in General corporate, trust and commercial law, partnerships or liquidations. He is also responsible for providing legal services to Cayman and BVI domiciled funds.

Dr. Wilton McDonald II is also a retired Fellow of the ACCA in the United Kingdom, and a registered foreign lawyer in Poland as well. He was also admitted to the bar in 2004 as an Attorney/ Barrister in the Cayman Islands, Jamaica and the British Virgin Islands and in 2002/2003 as an Attorney in Connecticut (ret) and New York, USA.

Iberia Legal website: http://www.iberia-legal.com/

How he became a Rainmaker of the Year

In 2008 Dr. Wilton McDonald II became the winner of the Originate! 2008 Rainmaker of the Year Awards. Him and other nominees were judged by The Legal Sales and Service Organization (LLSO) that is exclusively focused on sales, service and process improvement in law firm and legal departments.

He was found amongst winners from Canada, The Cayman Islands and the U.S. All of them demonstrated different approaches to business development from marketing to specific industry. Dr. Wilton McDonald won in the category of associates.

What is a rainmaker? A rainmaker is a lawyer, who is effective at business developing and marketing. What he said himself and about his hard work was: “In the profession, a lot of people expect to be given work. That’s like little birds waiting to be fed by the mother bird. But that’s not how it works in a small firm. Here, especially, you have to feed yourself.”

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