Why advertise on Facebook?

Why advertise on Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook is currently one of the most effective methods of promotion on the Internet. Why should you decide on it?

Facebook is currently used by several billion people around the world. Also in Poland, users of this social networking site are counted in millions. Today Facebook is one of the most visited websites. It is not only an effective way to communicate and exchange information, but also a perfect place to conduct e-marketing activities - advertisements on Facebook are distinguished by both high effectiveness and affordable costs. What exactly is FB advertising about and what can you gain from it?

Social media marketing is becoming more and more popular

Social media marketing, i.e. social media marketing, is currently a very popular method of Internet marketing. It was created on the basis of the growing interest in social media, especially Facebook, which has the largest number of users among this type of media.

Advertising in social media, including Facebook, is currently chosen by many companies - both large corporations and smaller businesses. What can you gain from it and what exactly is it all about?

Advertisements on Facebook allow you to:

  • increasing sales of products and services
  • marking the presence of the company on-line
  • building lasting relations with customers
  • Strengthening brand recognition
  • getting new contacts

Therefore, the company's presence on Facebook is currently one of the necessary elements of building its marketing strategy. This allows the company to be closer to its potential and regular customers to provide them with even better service and engage them in various actions.

High efficiency - low prices

Facebook is a social medium that does not charge any fees for depositing an account - therefore, the company's fanpage can be run without any additional fees. Advertising can then take place by publishing various information on the profile, including, but not limited to, news, promotions, occasional information.

In addition, advertising on Facebook is also carried out using an advertising system belonging to the website, namely Facebook Ads. It allows you to present advertising content to users of the site in accordance with the parameters set by the advertiser.

Facebook Ads advertising, although it is already paid for, allows you to get very good results and a quick return on investment. Since Facebook has a wealth of information about its users, this advertising can be even more effective because it can be displayed to people who meet certain requirements, for example, are of a certain age, have certain interests, are in a specific location, and have no other interests.

Costs associated with Facebook Ads advertising depend on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, the extent of advertising and competition. Because you can set a daily or monthly budget for advertising, it does not have to be a heavy burden for the advertiser.

How to advertise on Facebook?

The profile on Facebook can be run independently, but nowadays more and more companies decide to use professional help in this area. Experience shows that even small mistakes made when preparing entries and communicating with recipients by social media may turn out to be a symbolic nail in the coffin for the company.

Therefore, a safer choice is to choose the services of social media marketing agencies - their specialists will then be able to develop an optimal promotion strategy and will be able to devote all their time to building an attractive, fan-friendly place on the Internet.

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