Who to choose as a translator or translation agency?

Who to choose as a translator or translation agency?

The text sent to the translator is not just a string of characters that need to be translated into another language. Behind each text there are different aspects, emotions, impressions, intuitions, important events. All this means that the translated text has to reflect all these important aspects, and it is not a simple task. The question arises as to whether a freelance translator is able to deal with it well.

One can notice a certain regularity here, namely that well translated texts are those on which a staff of people is working. Then the result of this work is usually the best and thanks to that the client gets a good result.

Translator or translation agency

When considering whether to choose a translator or a translation agency, it is worth telling us how the group's work can affect the texts to be translated. Basically, if a group of people are working on a text, we can talk here about a much broader look at the text. Choosing a freelance translator may be afraid that there will be no look at many important aspects that matter how the text is translated.

Even if a translator knows English perfectly, we do not necessarily have a guarantee that he or she knows the specialist vocabulary that may appear in our texts. All of this is important and must be taken into account when we look for an interpreter. It is thanks to this that the office can do the work better, because the text will be matched to the person who is best able to cope with the content.

Quality of the texts to be translated

It is worth remembering that the text will be well commissioned to a specialist in a given field. Making a translation is not an easy task, but if a specialist takes care of it, we can expect that the text will be given back well by the specialist. At the same time, it should be remembered that when choosing a translation, it is not possible to take into account only the price. In this way, a lot can be lost when it turns out that the text is very poorly translated and a second translation is necessary. It is likely that cooperation with a translation agency will generate higher costs, but it will be much more likely when it comes to the high quality of the completed translation.

When cooperating with a translation agency, we can also expect that the translation will be verified by another employee. This may seem insignificant, but in practice it may be important, as there will be a chance to eliminate possible translation errors, so that another specialist will be able to catch them efficiently. Translation after verification will usually be at a much higher level.

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