Which computer to choose?

Which computer to choose?

The range of computers is so wide and so varied that it's really hard to identify one optimal model to suit every user. Which computer to choose depends on its intended use and individual preferences.

At the beginning, it is worthwhile to set the budget and specify the expectations.

The first step on the way to buying a good computer is to estimate the amount we want and can do for this purpose. It is not worth to specify the exact amount, or at most some price range (for example, 4 to 5 thousand zlotys), because then we will have much more choice and possibilities.

As far as precision of expectations is concerned, it is worth considering what equipment we really need.

  • Office computer - it doesn't have to be a performance demon and cost a lot of money. If we are going to check e-mails, keep accounting or write texts for blogs, there is no point in investing thousands of dollars in efficient multimedia or gaming computers. A computer with two or four processor cores, an integrated graphics card and 4 GB of RAM is enough.
  • Multimedia computer - a home computer with average parameters. This equipment will be used more intensively by the whole family. It can be used to watch videos on the web, play simple games and work. It's a good idea to take advantage of mid-priced media devices with a more powerful processor (4 cores, preferably from the i5 series), 4 or 8GB of RAM, and a separate mid-price graphics card.
  • A gaming computer - A gaming computer for a gamer is a noticeable leap in performance and price. Construction with integrated graphics will not work here, unless we are fans of old games from years ago. It's best to reach for one of our dedicated gaming kits with a solid processor (i5 or i7), a good graphics card, 8 or 16 GB of RAM, efficient cooling and other gaming solutions.
  • A computer for advanced work, design, animation - like a gaming computer, a computer for advanced graphics and animation will be more expensive. In this case, it's all about maximum performance, so it's worth reaching for one of the latest CPUs, good graphics and at least 16GB of RAM. Not without significance will also be a fast SSD instead of a standard hard drive.
  • Mobile computer - if you want your device to be used at home, in the city or in the garden, the choice is quite obvious - a laptop or ultrabook. Laptops are noticeably more efficient, but they are sometimes heavier and have a higher energy requirement. The Ultrabook is lightweight, thin and has a durable battery, although this is done, in general, at the expense of its performance.

It's worth reaching for a ready-made set

Years ago there was a belief that the purchase of a ready-made computer set, which is enough to connect to a monitor and power supply, is a mistake, because then a lot of money is overpaid and you get equipment with lower performance. The reality has changed, and today in good computer stores there is no shortage of ready-made computers with such diverse parameters that we can easily find among them a computer just right for the office, games or streaming.

The purchase of a ready-made set has another advantage - all components have been selected by professionals, perfectly match each other and we do not have to waste time on reading about compatibility, connectors, proper sockets and stands. If we're laymen on this subject, it's a waste of time.

If we have a moment of time and the right knowledge, we can assemble the computer on our own.

Sometimes it happens that we will not like anything about ready-made sets. It is possible that we are looking for such a specific configuration that it was not made available in a standard sale, or maybe after calculating it turned out that it is more profitable to look through a few guides on how to choose a computer, what components to buy and what to pay attention to than to buy a ready-made set.

In such a situation in fact it is worth to be interested in an independent assembling of a computer. This gives you a much greater choice of components and a noticeable saving.

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