What to wear for a job interview?

What to wear for a job interview?

We may claim that appearance doesn’t matter, but unfortunately it is not a completely true statement. First impression is very important, especially when you try to get your dream job. We all know that job interviews are nerve racking, so we should prepare as well as we can to reduce the stress level. That is why, you need to think about your outfit well in advance and make sure that it is ready on that special day. But what should you wear? Here are some tips that may help you decide.

Learn about dress code in a company

It is not easy to choose an outfit for a job interview today, as companies has very diverse dress codes. There are many modern firms in which employees may wear literally whatever they want, including shorts and flip flops. However, there are also employers who prefer casual but still smart outfits, and those who require members of their staff to wear formal clothes, like for example suits. That is why, it is a very good idea to learn more about the company and its rules, because such information can help us in choosing the right outfit for an interview.

What message do you want to send?

During a job interview in some way you try to sell your knowledge and abilities, but also your personality. And because of that, you need to think for some time about the image you want to represent, as you may easily do it using clothes.

For example, if you want to be perceived as a professional, you should wear some sharp clothes, like well-fitted suit. People who are creative and want to mark it during the interview, should do it with one piece of their clothing. It can be some original tie, socks or necklace. Reliability on the other hand, can be signaled by choosing rather toned down colours. 

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A safe choice

Sometimes it is not possible to learn about the dress code of the company that we want to work for. In such case, you should always go for something quite safe, and that is a suit, both for men and women. Such outfit never goes out of fashion when it comes to job interviews. And if you choose the right cut and material you will definitely look really professional in every company.

Suits for women

Women can choose between pants and skirts, but with the second one, you need to be careful with its length. As a rule the hemline shouldn’t be more than one biro length above the knee. When it comes to colours, you may get a black, navy or brown suit as those are always fashionable. But forget about any patterns, and do not go crazy with the shoes, as too high heels may not be seen as something positive.

Suits for men

Men should definitely look for dark coloured suits, as they are very smart. What is more, the material that they are made of is also important. You should get cotton rather than linen one, as it can easily crease and you won’t look professional. Black shoes are a perfect choice for black, blue or grey suit, while brown shoes can be matched with brown or blue suit. Men should also avoid patterns on their shirts, ties or even their socks. You may think that the interviewer will not notice them, but you may be unpleasantly surprised.