What is Internet monitoring?

What is Internet monitoring?

Internet monitoring is a set of observation activities aimed at determining the degree of company's presence in the network. Searching for information begins with determining the key that will open access to specific areas of the Internet. Such a key may be a company name, a word, a phrase or an issue of interest to us. This can be treated more broadly as an industry.

Monitoring reaches far enough to cover simultaneously official announcements, informal entries in the blogosphere, Internet forums and social media, as well as single mentions, statements and comments on the Internet. Search results will give an answer to what potential customers can say about the company. Internet monitoring is carried out in real time or in the past in search of information that is archived.

Audit of opinions

This control may be too big a word, but it is about a certain audit of the opinion. This is an action that will improve the overview of information and allow for effective evaluation of the company. Being aware of what the company's marketing goals are, it is possible to check if they are being implemented or if there is a need to take any actions aimed at changing this situation. The value will always be getting feedback about the product we have to offer.

Target from A to Z

The tools we use in the process of monitoring the Internet will allow us to obtain valuable information that will relate to the actual recipients of our message. In the case of websites, the administrator will have data that refer to users, the keywords he used and the places he came from, the time he spends on the website, the number of visits, the number of pages viewed, the browser or the operating system.

Brand reputation and crisis management

A positive brand image is one of the most important elements when it comes to marketing activities. The formation of this will be a long-term process, which requires constant vigilance and also prudent decisions that will need to be taken. When the first effects are achieved, it will be obvious that any situation can damage the brand image. The Internet is a place where everyone can speak freely, so different opinions can appear about our company. Therefore, if we want to avoid a situation in which it will not be possible to react, we should think about the use of Internet monitoring in order to assess the situation related to our company and how we are evaluated on the Internet.