What is coworking? Find your place to work!

What is coworking? Find your place to work!

Coworking in English means working together. This is an ideal solution for people who cannot work independently or do not have the right conditions to work from home. Coworking offers freelancers to rent a room or desk so that they can enjoy comfortable work among other "freelancers". An additional advantage of the coworking centre is access to the Internet and all necessary office furniture. Organize your work and enjoy it with others!

Coworking - what is it?

Co-working is a new solution for freelancers who work individually and impose their own rhythm of work. A freelancer or so-called freelancer is a person who can perform professional duties in his or her home. Coworking is definitely a better idea than working alone in your own four corners, because the presence of other employees is a good motivation to act. Moreover, home conditions do not always allow for comfortable work.

Who is a freelancer?

Nowadays, access to the Internet is unlimited, so free shooters can afford to work anywhere in the world. Freelancers include people involved in journalism, design, text making, photography, architecture, computer graphics, translations, etc.

Freelancers who work remotely and are self-employed can theoretically carry out orders at home. In practice it looks a bit different.

Workroom and beyond

A coworking centre operates in almost every major city. Users have access to free Internet, printers and photocopiers. In addition, in such a center there is a possibility to prepare meals in a shared kitchen. These centres are also equipped with training and conference rooms.

It is also important to be aware that not everyone is prepared to work alone. Usually a person has a need to talk to other people, has to break away from work for a moment, take a break for coffee or tea and for something to bite through. The coworking centre is an ideal solution, because in addition to a place to work, it also offers the opportunity to meet interesting personalities.

Dangerous domestic work

Working at home involves a number of risks, including children, spouses, neighbours, TV, household duties, etc. The risks associated with working at home include In addition, lonely work and the absence of a person who could oversee us leads to a lack of discipline and inconsistent work. Usually, if there is a loose atmosphere and nobody watches over us, we want to talk on the phone, take frequent breaks for tea and coffee, we take care of thousands of things at the same time, but in fact nothing. Working alone can be associated with problems such as impaired concentration, and instead of performing professional duties, we take care of the home. In addition, we often lack contact with other people, so it is worth considering renting your own space in a coworking center.