What factors influence the cost of the leaflet?

What factors influence the cost of the leaflet?

Both the printing of leaflets and the valuation itself depend on at least a few factors. However, it is not insignificant whether they will be printed on one or two pages. Additional paper refining also affects the cost of the leaflet. It is therefore worthwhile to take a closer look at each of these elements.

First, the paper type

The type of paper determines whether we decide to print thin and cheap leaflets, or thicker, but at the same time slightly more expensive. It is worth remembering that our decision will not be without impact on the final result. The most commonly used is considered to be 130 g, characterised by the fact that it is only slightly thicker than a standard sheet of paper. Luckily, this weight is enough to provide the leaflet with the right look and durability. However, if you decide on folding leaflets, remember that the paper on which they are made should be a bit thicker. The weight of 170 g is a good idea here. Printers also recommend us so-called exclusive leaflets. These are distinguished by weight of 250 or even 300 g. The choice of appropriate paper is determined primarily by the purpose of the leaflet. However, the size of our advertising budget is also not insignificant.

Leaflet circulation

The issue of leaflets can also have an impact on their cost, especially if we are interested in the so-called unit price. Here the principle is simple. The more leaflets are in circulation, the lower the price for one of them. It is worth remembering, because sometimes a campaign with the use of leaflets on a slightly wider scale will only be a bit more expensive than a similar undertaking in its basic form.

Overview of advertising leaflets

Additional arrangements for processing

When we decide on relatively cheap leaflets, these are usually produced using relatively cheap paper in standard format and in the right print run. However, if we want our flyers to stand out from what the competition can offer our customers, we should think about how to finish the paper additionally. It is only up to us whether we decide to foil the leaflets, varnish them, silver plating or gold plating. Each of these methods is interesting not only because it gives the leaflets a great look, but also because it increases their lifespan. Of course, any such additional option automatically increases the cost of leaflet printing. However, we are still dealing with an investment that deserves to be interested in it. The huge impression that such leaflets make on customers, often translates into a significant increase in the number of orders.

Not everyone leaflets

When talking about the cost of leaflets, it is worth raising the issue of how to distribute them, because it turns out that it is here that many companies make a serious mistake. If we want to be highly effective in the leaflet campaign, we have to make sure that potential interested parties reach for them themselves.