What do you need to know about website translation?

What do you need to know about website translation?

The website is currently the most important business card of the company on the Internet. Therefore, if we want to reach as many customers as possible, we must ensure that it is available in different language versions. In this case, it is very important to translate the entire website correctly, taking into account all aspects that make it visible on the web and user-friendly.

When translating the content of a selected page, the problem may be that the text of the translation is much longer than the original, the structure of the page has changed, or some elements of the page have been omitted from the translation. Not every person involved in translations also remembers about proper saturation of the text with keywords. And, as we know, it is extremely important for its proper positioning. Therefore, it is worth to entrust this task to real professionals who will comprehensively deal with the translation of our website.HTML, PHP, JS files

If we want our website to be really well translated, we should put this task in the hands of someone who can handle such types of files as HTML, PHP, XML or JavaScript. Due to the fact that they can cause inexperienced translators a lot of problems, it is good if they are analyzed by a real professional who can immediately evaluate their work on specific content.Comprehensive translation services

When creating subsequent language versions of the website, it is important to ensure that the translation is done by an experienced translator. However, it is also very important for the translation agency to provide us with proofreading and possible technical support in the form of an IT department. Then, in case of any problems, we will be able to count on immediate help. It is also a good thing if the agency uses translation support tools that guarantee even greater accuracy.

Wordpress and website translation

A website built on Wordpress can be translated in different ways. This could include, for example, translating the formatted content of entries or pages, their HTML code, or PO/.POT/.MO files. It is a good thing if the translation agency, even before the start of the project, will advise us which solution will be the most beneficial for us.

Language versions of the website

Location of text

When translating a website, it is often necessary to localize the text, which consists in adjusting it to the preferences of the user from a particular country or part of the world. Sometimes it is only about changing the date format or names, but in some cases the content requires more complex changes, which usually depends on the subject matter of the page.

How to create new language versions of the website?

It is one thing to translate the content of a website, but it is also important to decide how subsequent versions of the website will be organised. These can be independent services, or a page in a subdirectory of a currently operating website. In Wordpress you can use a plug-in to create multilingual pages, although many people decide to create new entries and assign them to new categories.

How much we pay for the translation of the website is influenced by it:

- language of translation

- the volume of content to be translated

- requirements for the project implementation team

- industry and degree of language specialisation

- construction of the page

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