Video conversion from Youtube to MP3

Video conversion from Youtube to MP3

Videos uploaded to Youtube have original versions of well-known music tracks that are not available for purchase. What if you want to do the song itself? Just use programs or services that save the soundtrack from videos to MP3 format.

ClipConvertec cc - in this program, in addition to saving music, you can find out in detail what parameters were used to create the file. In addition, it supports not only MP3 but also other less frequently used formats.

HD Downloader - the original solution. The choice of quality and formats is narrower, but downloading is interesting. One of the options is to indicate a link to a video, or before youtube add singles and press enter.

Fetch MP3 - in addition to downloading audio, you can choose between quality and ID3. In addition, you can select which moment in the video will be cut out as sound.

Media Converter - gives you the opportunity to get not only soundtrack but also video. It contains many formats and is easy to use. The disadvantage is the limitation of the maximum number of 5 files that can be downloaded during a single session.

Youtube MP3 - although the number of available options is small, it has something unusual. Just indicate the video address and we get the original address serving as a link to the soundtrack itself, which can be placed on the website or forums where the BB Code is used.

Audio processing and conversion

Bender Converter - The next online application is something that fans of Futuramy and others will be happy to use. Youtube video can be saved in many formats and all this in a simple way. The great advantage is that there are no advertisements. In case of higher requirements, users can purchase additional paid options.

FVC - This is a descopic application called Freemake Bideo Converter. You don't have to pay any money to buy it, and the possibilities it offers are very wide. There are a lot of functions to change media formats and characteristics. You can choose between music, video and source files, which can be found on your computer or on the Internet. With this program you can download files from various sites. Music can be saved immediately from the browser. When watching video, you can record music using extensions.

Firefox - Youtube is MP3 - ideal for Firefox users - one of the browsers. If you install this add-on, you get one more bar with 2 functions, which allows you to save the sound from the movie using another page.

Chrome - gMovie Get is an option for holders of Chrome. Minus is an interface in a foreign language, which means that a new window with Japanese alphabet appears when converting. The good news is the Latin alphabet with the extended MP3 option - you just have to click and it will work for sure. You can use an add-on, but you can't be sure it will work.

Opera - Converter - if you use Opera above 11 versions. When you watch the video and turn on the icon, you will see a page where you can download the sound.

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