Trends 2018 - fashionable dresses at your fingertips

Trends 2018 - fashionable dresses at your fingertips

The "dress season" is approaching and you still don't know which trends, which dresses are fashionable and which are on the contrary? Are you hunting for the most beautiful outfit for warm days, which will be both stylish and modern, but at the same time comfortable and airy? Look at these suggestions and advice, and you will surely be delighted not only around you, but above all by yourself.

Summer lasts at its best and you certainly enjoy its charms to a greater or lesser degree. Spring-summer is for women who appreciate openness and expressiveness, which is why we prefer to choose fashionable, airy dresses in light colors. We can afford a lot more in terms of cut, cut, length, colour and motifs on the dress and we try to incorporate current trends into every style. Fashionable summer dresses are an integral part of every summer wardrobe, so let's have a look at what current fashion has to offer us!

Airy dresses

Not only frills and bows, but above all airy dresses with cut-outs are very popular this year. Among the trends dominate powder maxi dresses in boho style and creations in peas, which refer to the mid-20th century and dances such as Polka or Flamenco. Cold shoulder dresses, pleated, lace in peas, and airy blown dresses is a real hit. As far as trends are concerned, flowers, eco- and prints dominate. What exactly is this?

Fashionable floral dresses

Floristic motifs come back almost every spring and every summer, and it's no surprise. We love to bloom together with the surrounding nature, and the floral motifs on fashionable dresses perfectly reflect this state of mind. If you've wondered what floral motifs are fashionable now, we suggest: aim for futuristic, retro and large, expressive flowers.

Eco style is a trend that is the result of general ecological trends in the world for several years. Fashionable eco-dresses are those made of natural fabrics and materials imitating them. Linen, cotton and woolen dresses are not only a fashionable choice, but also a very comfortable one. They make the skin breathe freely, perfectly evacuate moisture and protect against ultraviolet rays. An airy eco-dress is an ideal choice for hot days.

If you've been wondering what will be the biggest hit this year, remember one word: printy! This and the next summer will surely belong to them, especially to fashionable dresses in peas. This is a universal, classic pattern, which works well on e.g. powdery, airy, flimsy dresses. All retro hairstyles (e.g. pin-ups or marinos) are a real hit. Both minimalist and futuristic styles will work well, so prints, especially pea dresses, will work well in the spring-summer season every year.

To sum up: if you want a fashionable dress in the spring-summer season, it is necessary to take a look at ethereal retro-silhouettes, preferably in powder colour. You will surely surprise everyone, and in addition, you will not be polite on the most hot summer days.