5 Tech Tips on Futurizing Home Space

5 Tech Tips on Futurizing Home Space


Smart gadgets and automation can save a lot of time and energy. If you want your household to be more futurized, we have prepared five tips especially for you. Change your indoors and outdoors forever using WiFi capabilities into mundane devices and tools like vacuums or switches!

1. WiFi Switches & Lights

Well, we're all used to light bulbs, and we tend to think that there's nothing we can do with turning them on and off manually every single time. Instead of constantly forgetting about it while leaving the house, let's try something different and make your lights smarter, so they could know when to turn on. To remotely control the whole system you'll need WiFi switches and lights and a dedicated app. Moreover, there's a possibility to set up some particular lights to always be on a schedule. For example, you can just connect your patio lights to the WiFi and they will work according to the rhythm of a day (sunset and sunrise). There is no need to remember about such details by yourself.

2. Robot Vacuum

Today's vacuum robots can handle around 85 percent of the dog hair and dust bunnies which fly all around the room. Of course it doesn't clean floor in rows like a human being – it runs in more random pattern to canvas the space. As a result the coverage is spectacular! You can easily program the device so it can run on a schedule and do your job for you. Smart and convenient, huh?

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3. Wireless Security Cameras

Not so long ago security cameras were reserved for commercial purposes and technically savvy. Only the rich people could afford them. With the explosion of HD network devices with simple interfaces, things have changed. Nowadays anyone can have such facility in their home. Wireless cameras allow their owners to communicate with people at home (both ways), notify about any movement inside and use infrared vision at night. And they don't require much power at all!

4. The Sprinkler System

In the past it had buttons, dials and tiny screens, and to set them up was a true nightmare. In many areas additional programming is now required because of droughts and water restrictions. It is easy to imagine that activation of sprinkler system while it's raining is a complete waste. Smart sprinkler systems which are connected to the WiFi exactly know when to shut off. You can operate them by intuitive app installed on your smartphone. Some particularly amazing systems have sensors that are able to determine the moisture level of soil. Thanks to that they focus on drier spots and work even more efficiently!

5. Robot Lawnmower

According to the statistics, about 12 percent of European homeowners enjoy the comfort of not mowing the lawn. In the United States of America robot lawnmowers are still pretty rare used devices. To prepare such machine to work, lay down a guide wire and create clear mowing areas for your device. It is also recommend to prevent mowing in some particular sections of your area. After that the robot lawnmower goes in and handle the rest. It is quiet, it works seven days a week and it drives itself to the charging station when needs more energy. You have to admit that it's a must-have!