Smallest smartphones - TOP 5

Smallest smartphones - TOP 5

The first mobile phones were quite large devices. It was only after some time that the time of miniaturization came and the devices were getting smaller and smaller. Manufacturers competed with each other to offer customers the smallest possible equipment. However, a lot has changed since then and now we have large phones available again.

More and more screens appear, but not everyone likes such equipment. That's why we'll tell you which devices are affordable in terms of size.

LG K3 (2017)

At the beginning we have a basic model from LG for 2017. Dimensions of this device are 133.9×67.7×9.4 mm. It has a screen diagonal of 4.5 inches. Snapdragon, which has four cores and 1 GB of RAM, is responsible for the work. The phone is suitable for basic tasks and sporadically for use on the network. Despite its thick frames, it lies well in the hand, no problem with one-handed operation.

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy A3 is one of the smaller devices from Korean manufacturer. Dimensions are 135.4 x 66.2 x 7.9 mm. The heart of the device is Exynos processor, Samsung's proprietary processor and 2 GB Ram. The device has a 4.7 inch AMoled screen so it performs very well. It is very comfortable to use.

Small smartphones

Xiaomi Redmi 4X

One of the most interesting representatives of Xiaomi from the middle shelf. Dimensions of the device are 139.2×69.9×8.6 mm. Eight Snapdragon cores and 3 GB Ram cores are responsible for its smooth operation, which is already a very good set. The screen of the device has 5 inches, a capacious and efficient battery. The casing has quite narrow frames and is very well-fitting, rounded edges, relatively compact in size, so the phone lies well in the hands.

Apple iPhone SE

Intersecting project from Apple, which refers to what the company wants to do for years. The device is very compact, it is a tribute to those customers of the company, to whom devices of large size did not reach, do not correspond. Here we get equipment that has the dimensions of 123.8×58.6×7.6 mm. The diagonal of the screen in this equipment is 4 inches. The Apple A9 processor is responsible for efficient operation. The device is very well made and the performance is optimized, so it works at a very high level. Compact size and convenient screen make it easy for everyone to work with this equipment.

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact

If you are looking for a small and compact device with excellent components and on the Andoridzie, this model will be perfect. The device has dimensions 129x65x9.3 mm. The diagonal of the screen is 4.6 inches, we have the best components on board, so Snapdragon series 8 to 4 GB of RAM and also a great screen. All in a rectangular block typical for Sony brand. The device is very comfortable, lies well in the hand and even people with smaller hands will not have any problems with its operation. The operating culture of the machine is at a very high level. The equipment will meet the expectations of all demanding users who have special expectations of the devices they use.