Small garden mower

Small garden mower

Mowing small lawns shouldn't be a problem for us, even if they're full of tight and inaccessible areas. The task is even easier if you get a quality mower.

If we want to answer the question which machine is the best for us, we can immediately reject self-propelled models and popular tractors. They are characterized by large size and considerable power, so in the case of a small garden we will never be able to use their potential. The purchase of such mowers will turn out to be unprofitable - let's not forget that their price is often very high.

Which mower to choose?

So if we reject tractors and self-propelled models, what should we be interested in? Analyzing the current horticultural market, we have three possibilities.

Hand mower. The solution is by far the cheapest. This type of device does not have a motor - most often it consists of a shaft connected to wheels. Cutting elements are mounted on its surface to remove excess grass.

The limited design of the hand mower is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that it weighs very little and can be easily moved from place to place. The engineless mower also does not emit harmful exhaust fumes and is silent. The disadvantages are mainly due to the limited possibilities of such a lawnmower - we have to push it with the power of our muscles, so it will not be too useful when mowing long grass. The wheels of the mower also have to move all the time on straight terrain, so you won't be able to use it even on gentle hills or other unevenness.

Electric mower. In this case we are dealing with a device much more efficient than manual models. This is because it has an electric motor, the power of which allows us to mow even long grass.

At the same time, an electric mower retains the advantages of handheld devices. It still does not emit any harmful exhaust fumes, and its louder, though, should not disturb us too much.

However, an electric mower is not without disadvantages. The most serious of these is, of course, the limitation of movement from the device through the power cord. If it is too short, it can be difficult to mow even a small lawn. Remember, however, not to exaggerate in the other direction, because the longer the cable, the greater the voltage drops, which affect the limitation of the power of the device. The optimal cable length for electrical equipment is approximately 25-30 metres.

Combustion mower. It is by far the most efficient of all the above mentioned devices. Internal combustion models often have engines that are several times more powerful than electric mowers. This translates into the possibility of mowing very long grass.

A great advantage of combustion solutions is also full freedom of use. No cable limits us, so we can mow wherever we want. Of course, we must remember that mowers of this type emit exhaust fumes - so they are not recommended to lovers of ecological equipment.

What kind of mower will meet our expectations? Above all, we should pay attention to whether it has a drive or not. In the first case, our mower will drive on its own, our task will only be to control its operation. This is a very convenient solution, but it can become a nuisance when the device is switched off. It can be very difficult to carry a disconnected mower with drive.

No matter what type of mower you choose, you should always pay attention to the most important performance parameters that need to be adapted to the garden you have at your disposal. This is primarily about the working width, the capacity of the grass catcher, the height of cut adjustment, as well as the quality of the housing.