Photobooks: what to buy?

Photobooks: what to buy?

Tired of viewing photos on your computer screen? Would you like to finally have something more tangible instead of virtual albums? Bet on a really simple solution. Design and order your own photo book. Even this one with not very high standard will not be an excessive expense, and the effect you get will be really amazing.

This is a personal, unique collection, which has been placed in an unusual setting. A photo book is the perfect way to organize your private photo collection. First of all, it allows you to choose from among hundreds of photos those that we undoubtedly consider to be really good photographs and reject those that we do not necessarily like. At the same time, it is worth remembering that a properly prepared photo book can become a unique, individual gift for someone close to you. When deciding on even the smallest amount of work, you should first of all choose photographs. The rest can be taken care of by the company to which we have decided to entrust our photos.

It is worth remembering, however, that the more work we decide to put into a photo book, the more rewarding it will be. However, regardless of whether we decide to become more involved in its creation or trust the company to a greater extent, we have to make certain decisions on our own. First of all, you have to answer questions about:-the format;-the quality of paper;-the general color scheme;-the exactness;-the general nature of the template.Giving the right answers will be easier if you get to know the dilemmas that we have to solve.

Photobook making


If we decide on the most general division, we will distinguish two categories:-photoalbums;-photobooks.not so long ago a photo book was associated with albums available in bookstores, which were printed with photos of famous artists. Today it is mainly a photo album, in which we place our own, chosen photos.

They are printed on quite thin sheets of paper, which are either glued or sewn. The cover of such a photo book can be either soft or hard. What is characteristic of a photo book is the way in which the cards are combined. Therefore, it is not possible to open the pages in such a way that their surface is perfectly flat. Many people think that photo-album is nothing more than a more luxurious version of a photo book. Others are of the opinion that these products should not be combined because they are too different. It is not only the class, but also the technique, which was made. The album always has a hard binding, which is usually exceptionally elegant. The cards are stiff and thick.

Photos printed on photographic paper are glued on them. Importantly, they open so that the resulting surface is flat. As a result, larger-format photos look even better. Photoalbums are generally larger than photobooks. When deciding on a photo album, it is important to remember that the cost will be much higher in this case than if you choose a photo book. Sometimes, however, it is worth paying a bit more.