Look good in bigger size!

Look good in bigger size!

Many people who weight more than they would wish to, believe that they simply can’t look fashionable. But it is definitely not true! You just need to know what kind of clothes and accessories to wear so you may hide the flaws of your body and show off how beautiful you are! If you don’t have such knowledge, you will be pleased with this article, as we want to offer you some advice on how to look fabulous in bigger sizes. It’s possible, so put some effort in it and be happy with your image.

Colours and patterns – it all matters!

While shopping, you need to pay attention to all the details of certain pieces of clothing, as they all have influence on the way you look. First of all, you need to be aware of the fact that dark colours hide and light colours highlight, and you have to use that knowledge while choosing clothes and accessories. Your thin waist can be more visible if you put light belt around it, and if you think that your legs don’t look good, hide them with dark trousers. You should also determine which colours look good on you, as wearing clothes in certain shades can only expose your beauty in the best possible way.

If you want to wear patterns remember that the big ones can only make you look even bigger. But it doesn’t mean that you need to avoid any of them, as smaller patterns will make you look smaller. As it comes to stripes you need to be careful as well. Diagonal and vertical ones seem to be the best choice for overweight people, but horizontal stripes should be avoided. Unless you want to enhance some areas, such as bustline.

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How to flatter your bottom and top half?

If you are not pleased with the way your bottom half looks like, you should make sure to hide it in some way with clothing. Many people tend to buy oversized and flared pants and skirts, because they think it will do the work. However, usually it looks really bad. That is why, you should look for tailored clothes. Well-fitting jeans is a must have of every wardrobe, especially those in dark colours. Also A-line skirts will be a great choice for every woman who wants to look good while showing off some legs. When it comes to leggings matched with loose blouses, it is a risky choice. Unless you are sure that such outfit really slims you, don’t take that risk as it may look very unflattering.

If you want to hide some of your top half body weight, like stomach and shoulders, you need to get shaped T-shirts and dresses. Men should look for tailored shirts. When it comes to cardigans and jackets, you may want to opt for the full-length ones. Choose long or short sleeves, but do not wear three-quarters sleeves unless you think your forearms look good. More loose tops may look good when matched with skinny jeans, and if you want to wear smart shirt with buttons make sure that it fits right, which means that there is no pulling of fabric.


Almost every woman likes accessories, but with too much weight they may also be a distraction from it. Large jewellery and big handbags are perfect in this situation, as their smaller versions may look pretty tiny on you.


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