IPhone XS Max - review

IPhone XS Max - review

The revolution that happened not so long ago in the smartphone market was the result of iPhone X, while Xs and Xs Max are transitional devices. The Xs Max model, on the other hand, will be one of the strangest in the history of this manufacturer. When Apple released the iPhone X, it said it was giving the device of the future to the market. In the interviews, the brand representatives deliberately say that the model was released prematurely, even though it was not possible to refine everything there, the device appeared on the market anyway. The result was what the company predicted. A new life has emerged among smartphones.

Apart from Samsung, the market of competitors threw itself into copying the solutions introduced by the X model on the market. However, in spite of the attempts to do so, I can see that I did not manage to do so. We have the four most important novelties in this model of which one hundred percent have not managed to find answers in 2 cases to how they are organized. This is a Face ID and a gesture-only system. In this respect, there is no competition on the market. Another novelty is the shape of a smartphone in the form of a combination of steel and glass, a perfectly precisely made whole, outstanding premium, it seems that nobody has repeated it, but it is an individual matter, everyone can judge it differently.

iphone xs max review

The fourth novelty is notch and it appears in other companies. With this in mind, Apple knew that it didn't have to show the smartphone that would bring new solutions, the next ones would probably be a continuation of what the X model brought, and possibly there would be cosmetic additions. Smartphones are now a mature category when it comes to computer hardware. Development is limited by technological progress. Apple and other companies have to wait for the development of technologies that will support smartphones. Among other things, it is about artificial intelligence, augmented reality. Apple sees that it still has an advantage over its competitors and will only make changes when others have what's in the X model. The new device is not the heir to the previous Plus model, which was completely different from the lines without the pleat.

In the case of Xs Max it is different, because the device is practically the same model with the same parameters as XS because they have the same processor, the same cameras, the same screens. The difference is that the Xs Max has a larger battery and of course gets a larger screen. The new equipment is only 7.7 mm thick, which will be the smallest thickness of all currently available large flagships. It is also smaller than devices that have a smaller screen like Samsung S9+ or Google Pixle 2XL. However, there is no chance to use this equipment with one hand, it will not be safe. The whole is finished perfectly and you work very comfortably on the device. What is worth emphasizing is the fact that Face ID appeared as a solution that stands out from other devices. Unlocking a device with a face is actually a quantum leap in terms of these devices and a complete change in the market. Just use this option a little bit and you won't want to go back to touch ID.