How to Design a Hair Salon?

How to Design a Hair Salon?

Setting up your own business can be both exciting and really stressful, especially if you are new in the business. That is why, every single aspect of it needs to be thoroughly considered by the owner. Such rule also applies to people who are thinking about opening their own hair salon. As you know, today there are many places which offer such services, so you should be well-prepared and you need to make sure that your salon will be really professional.

Properly Designed Reception Area

You may try to convince yourself that appearance doesn't matter, but in terms of running a business it is definitely not true. Your potential customers need to walk in to your salon and be impressed with it. They should feel the need to stay there and use the services offered by you. That is why, the choice of the furniture for the reception area is so important.

The reception desk for hair salon is one of the essential parts of the waiting area. This is where your clients will make their appointments and pay for the services, but they will also look at such desk for some time while waiting for their turn. Because of that we need to make sure it looks elegant and modern. But it also should have enough space for all the things needed by receptionist, like computer, appointment cards, pens or notebooks.

The seating is another element that you should carefully think about. Hair salon furniture of that kind are for example benches, couches, single chairs and stools. Whatever will be your choice, they need to be really comfy, but also good-looking. You should also find a matching table to keep magazines on it.

Hairdressing Furniture for Styling Area

The styling area in every hair salon is the space where the clients spend most of their time. What is more, this will also be your employees main workplace. That is why, it is so important to choose the right furniture. You need to make sure that your clients will be comfortable and relaxed during the whole time, but also that the stylists will be able to work efficiently.

1. Styling Chairs

Styling chairs are constantly in use in any hair salon. Because of that, they need to be durable, but also functional and good-looking. High-quality hairdressing furniture of that kind is a must-have for everyone who thinks about setting up their own hair salon.

Hairdressing Furniture

2. Barber Chairs

You have to be aware of the fact that if you plan to offer your clients barber services, you also need to buy a proper kind of hairdressing furniture for that purpose. Barber chairs should also meet the expectations of your clients, as well as people working in your hair salon.

3. Styling Units

Styling units usually takes a lot of space so you need to make sure that they are not only well-designed, but also functional. Because of it, many hair salons' owners decide to choose such hairdressing furniture with appropriate storage, where hairstylists may keep all the equipment needed during taking care of the client. 

4. Stools and Trolleys

Another kind of hairdressing furniture you have to buy before opening your hair salon are stools and trolleys used by every stylist. With a good equipment of that type, they may work comfortably, and more efficiently.  Make sure that they are functional and mobile, so your employee will be able to move around with them easily.

Hairdressing Furniture for Backwash Area

Some clients love the time spent in backwash area, as the treatment they get there makes them really relaxed. That is why, you should make sure that all the hairdressing furniture there are good-looking, durable, and extremely comfortable. The clients should be able to completely rest their necks and backs while getting the treatment, but it also should be easy for your employees to adjust the backwash unit appropriately.