How to choose a smartphone with a good camera?

How to choose a smartphone with a good camera?

If you are wondering how to choose a smartphone that will take excellent pictures, we have a few interesting hints for you. A camera in a smartphone is not meant to replace a professional SLR camera, but it does not have to be worse than the average compact on the market. However, choosing a smartphone with a good camera is not that simple, because the most important information is not always clearly stated. What counts is not only the hardware, but also the software supplied.

You have to pay attention to a lot of elements, which together will make up for the quality of the pictures taken in good conditions, as well as the slightly worse ones at the moment when the lighting will not be perfect.

Photo smartphone - what should I pay attention to?

There are several parameters that will define the hearing aids installed in smartphones. These include features that reflect the camera itself and are not possible to use a variety of overlays. Such improvements are a matter for the individual and do not always matter at all. Software may be important because it will give you more options for taking good photos.

Photo smartphone - the most important parameters

Starting with technical issues, manufacturers will always tell us that their equipment is the best. Features and quality of photos will be described.

The first thing we take into account is the size of the matrix, the bigger the better, because it reflects the image more accurately. In modern smartphones they are up to 1/3 inch. It doesn't make an impression, but such a sensor will allow you to take pictures similar to those of a compact camera.

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The brightness of the lens is the second issue that matters and tells you how much it reaches the lens. The smaller the better. If the brightness is low, it is not yet a big problem, because the camera compensates otherwise. Nowadays, it is very common to use two cameras with different apertures. Thanks to this, good photos can be obtained practically in all conditions.

The number of megapixels is mainly the number of megapixels given to us by the manufacturers, but it is the least important. High resolution appeals to the imagination, so it is given, but without knowing how many pixels will disappear under the noise we do not know if this information will be important at all. In fact, 13 Mpx with good other parameters is enough to get great photos.

What makes it easier for us to take pictures is of course the flash or AF support, good optics, preferably made of glass and not polycarbonate, which has a low quality. Some of these elements can be complemented and improved by the use of good software, but in some circumstances a good long range flash or Carl Zeiss optics will make a big difference.

The quality of the images will be higher when the device has a dual lens. This allows you to switch between lenses with different viewing angles, combine images from two cameras and improve the quality of the images. AF is a trifle, you don't have to use it, but sometimes it will work. AF is an option that will stabilize and make it easier to take pictures in a hurry.

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