How often do you send your CV and don't get an answer?

How often do you send your CV and don't get an answer?

If it seems that we meet all the requirements of the advertisement, we probably wait until the phone rings. However, he is still silent.

What is the problem?

Maybe there are not enough verbs in your CV to encourage your employer. It is worth knowing what should be included in your CV in order to encourage employment, what to do in order to effectively meet the expectations of employers. It is the good preparation of a CV that increases the chance of being invited to an interview. We must remember, however, that returns alone will not give us anything if we do not have what to write in the CV.

Before you start reading this article, read general advice on how to write a professional CV:

1. what is the benefit of using the right words in your CV?

On average, the employer will have 6 seconds for our CV. It wouldn't be enough to get acquainted with it. It is therefore up to us to prepare a proposal that will be able to draw his attention from the outset. Many people use the same banal phrases when looking for a job, which is constantly repeated. That is the big mistake. If we want to be noticed we have to show something more interesting that will make such an employer see it. Try to describe yourself and your achievements in the first person. This increases the feeling that we are professionals.

2. what verbs to use in your CV?

When it comes to verbs that will have to be taken into account, it is certainly worth thinking about words that will show our skills and thus will be able to convince a potential employer that we are perfect in what we do and that is why it is worth choosing us.

Show what kind of leader you were and use the following verbs:

If you had a project behind you, also tell us about it.

If you worked in a research club, tell us about the projects you are working on.

I was planning to implement the Monitor Improved Update If you were to keep in touch with customers, use the following words: I was suggesting I was building Maximise I was reporting.

If you have carried out tests, you can choose such words: I was developing the Measurement I was verifying I was verifying I was interpreting I was recommending

If you have any special achievements, you can enter such words as: I have improved I have improved I have gained I have led I have implemented

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