How do I install tempered glass?

How do I install tempered glass?

It will be very important to place the glass on the surface of the screen to protect against curves and aesthetic problems. So we suggest how to stick tempered glass on the screen of our device.

What is tempered glass?

Toughened glass is a material that has been used for many years in various industries. In the electronics industry, smartphones have been used for a short period of time. It is characterized by high mechanical strength. It is said that the surface hardness is 6.7 times higher than that of traditional glass. According to Mohs' hardness scale, glass will be tempered in the 9H category, so it will not be possible to scratch it with sharp tools. In this way, it guarantees protection against scratching the screen and, in the event of a fall, protects the display against cracking. It is also important that such glass does not affect the performance of the phone. Does not block the touch panel, does not work badly on the display colors. Remember, however, to buy the right glass for your phone model, so that it has the right size and cutouts for speakers, camera and other openings.

Insertion of tempered glass

Why is it worth putting on tempered glass?

Many modern devices feature a Gorilla Glas glass screen to protect them from damage. However, it should be remembered that the use of additional protection will better protect the glass from breaking, scratching by keys or other objects that you carry in your pocket or handbag. Modern tempered glasses are very solid. Much more durable than these popular polycarbonate foils from several years ago. The glass is also almost invisible. Does not affect the screen sensitivity to touch, color sharpness, or brightness of the image. Sticking such glass allows you to enjoy the device for a long time without any traces of use.

How do I install tempered glass?

The package should include glass and appropriate accessories for mounting - a cloth for cleaning and polishing the screen. The assembly is very easy and you don't need to have any special skills. Just follow a few simple steps to get the protection on the screen. First, you need to clean the screen well of dust and other dirt with a wet cloth or use your cloth to polish the screen or glass. Then polish the screen with a dry cloth. Take the packed glass out of the box, hold it edge-to-edge in your hand and peel off the foil that will provide protection. Place the glass on the screen and glue it in such a way that it does not move on the edges or on the buttons. Press the glass against the display and remove air bubbles. The small ones will disappear a few days after the glass is put on. Polish the screen with glued glass using a special dry cloth that should be attached to the product.

The whole operation of applying such glass will be simple, but remember that it will be important to be precise so that the glass is perfectly positioned in terms of edges. You have to remember to buy tempered glass for a given model of device, because only then you can have a guarantee that this glass will actually fit perfectly there. It will also be very important to properly clean the screen before the imposition of will, so if you do not have a dedicated accessory for this, you will need to look for some cloth to clean, or option will also use compressed air, which will blow away any pollen.