Female all year round. How to wear dresses when it's freezing and snow?

Female all year round. How to wear dresses when it's freezing and snow?

Winter is an unfavorable time for women's dresses, so at least for a long time, when designers convinced us that the white season is best to wear comfortable, long trousers. It was a period when fashionable dresses were buried at the bottom of the wardrobe and fell asleep there, waiting until spring. So we don't give up on typically feminine styles, in winter we wear dresses just as willingly, proudly and with the same pleasure, even ethereal summer dresses!

Warm dresses

Frost and snow, sometimes sun and sometimes rain, winter in Poland is a malicious and capricious season, but it is always worth to be prepared for lower temperatures. In winter, women prefer to wear dresses made of thicker knitwear. They choose fashionable woolen dresses and dresses made of thicker cotton. Winter dresses made of sweatshirts are fantastic and present themselves in winter styling. Practical and versatile dress, like the grey MELODY GREY from On My Wear, you can wear both for thick tights and as a leggings tunic. It has a hood and two pockets on the sides, long sleeves of course. You can supplement it with any extras you like. It will look great in the company of brown leather boots on the pole and a black woollen coat. You can also put on a short leather jacket insulated with a sheepskin.

Summer dresses in winter

Farewell to summer? Don't hide your favourite airy dresses yet, they may be useful in winter! Summer airy dresses with carefully selected accessories create fashionable styles for cool days. Don't freeze if you put dots on your dress. The dress has a long sleeve, is made of lightweight material and delights with its original neckline. Grey or beige thick tights and boots on the pole fit it.

Mini for cold days

Do you like to present your strengths and show slender and graceful legs? In winter you have limited possibilities, but for women there is nothing impossible. Put on short pea dresses or fashionable dresses in a simple cut in cold colours, white is also a good choice. It is necessary to put thick tights on them, they don't have to be black. Long musketeers reaching to the thigh fit perfectly with mini dresses. They can be on a pin, post or flat heel. You will also look great in long bows with bows and boots.

Sporting and feminine

The hit of the last seasons, which we continue in winter - fashionable tracksuit dresses, which successfully replace also sweatshirts. They are distinguished by their sporty cut, made of knitted fabric. Obligatory hood and decorative straps. We combine them with snowmen, emu boots and insulated sneakers as well as a down jacket or timeless park. If you want to look a little more feminine, put on classic musketeers on a flat heel, for example.

Dresses are inscribed in women's fashion, which is valid for 365 days. Use your summer airy dresses to cover them with warm cardigans and coats. Complete your wardrobe with dresses made of warm knitted fabric, which you can wear in a sporty streetwear version, but also in a casual one.