Express translations

Express translations

Urgent translations, i.e. express translations, will be realized in the event that the waiting time for delivery is shorter than the usual time. Express translation is a service for customers who hope that the translation will be completed very quickly. Such a translation may also be made on the day the order is placed.

Faster means cheaper?

Express translations are a service offered by practically every translation agency. Of course, this is because there is a demand for such translations. There are various reasons why customers come forward for such translations. Sometimes somebody will not be able to ensure that the texts are submitted for translation at an early stage. Otherwise, texts may suddenly appear and such a translation will have to be done with express translations. There are also situations when a given company has just such a mode of work that texts to be translated regularly appear.

According to good practice in the translation industry, on average it is assumed that you will work with five pages per working day in standard mode. How will it be possible to make express translations? The efficiency and speed of each translator's work is, of course, different. They also change dynamically, after all, the translator is also a human being and may have other duties, he will not always be able to build very large processing capacity. The type and subject matter of a given translation also have a great influence on how quickly a translator can make a given translation. A translator who has already carried out many similar tasks should not have any major problems with the next translation, will be able to do such translations faster.

Express translation time

However, some clients are still surprised that the translation of several pages is not normally two days of work. If a translator knows a foreign language, he should not have any problems with it. But it doesn't look like that. When it turns out that the translation cannot be done very quickly, dissatisfaction on the part of those ordering the translation arises. The client expects the translator to be able to throw everything away and take care of the text at any time, so that express translation can actually be done quickly.

Why does express translation cost so much?

Here is a difficult situation due to the fact that no matter how urgently the client needs a translation, he usually does not want to pay extra for the express mode. However, you have to take into account that this is not the standard mode of operation, so it is difficult to expect that the translation will be performed in the classic mode. Regardless of all this, you have to reckon with the fact that there has to be an appropriate cost of making such a translation. It is unlikely that the matter is put on the blade of the knife, but it cannot be so that the order will be executed at a fast pace without prior appropriate preparation. When it comes to costs, it is quite often the case that there is a problem with their regulation. We have to take into account the fact that express translations will be expensive and this cannot be omitted.

Some customers directly ask the offices if it will not be possible to translate in express mode for the price of express mode. Unfortunately, however, this is not possible, first of all, the question of a logical approach to all translation matters must be considered here. However, it is always necessary to make customers aware that this is an express service and it must cost more. If you want to choose cheaper translations, you have to take into account the fact that you will wait for them a little longer, that cannot be omitted, no matter which translation agency you choose.

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