Effective leaflet - how to create it?

Effective leaflet - how to create it?

One of the oldest forms of distribution of advertising materials is a leaflet. Although times and channels of communication have changed a lot, the paper leaflet is still pretty good! How to design an effective flyer to take the customer to you instead of landing in the basket? Every main street of a big city is drowned in leaflets. Actually, it is difficult to imagine a larger city without seeing the people distributing these advertising materials.

Who of us, after a brief review of the leaflet, did not throw it away to a nearby basket at least once? If this was the case, the leaflet was not necessarily badly designed - the second option is that the thrower was not the target to which the message was addressed.

Advertising leaflets - advantages and disadvantages of this solution

The still unflagging popularity of leaflets proves that this solution still has its supporters and potential. This type of advertising material is cheap and easy to distribute. Practically every printing house will undertake the realization, even in a small print run. The problem, however, is that there are many different types of leaflets, so it is difficult to break through the competition. The effectiveness of the leaflet is also impossible to objectively examine. When you start the flyer project, you have to answer a question about the target group at the very beginning. Everything depends on who the offer is addressed to: content and form.

If the target are young people, a minimum, quintessence about the company's activities, an extended website address where they will find full information will suffice. However, this will not work in the case of older people - for them the message must be as concrete and complete as possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to design a universal leaflet, which will reach everyone with a message. A good way to stand out from the competition is to refer to the pleasant memories of the recipients - for example, to construct a leaflet in the form of a holiday postcard or a picture from a family album.

Folding leaflet printing

The most important elements on the leaflet - what do you have to remember?

When designing a flyer, you must not forget about its proper construction. It must have a header - it is the header that attracts the customer's attention first. It's good if it's a loud, catchy slogan - it will surely draw attention and intrigue you to read the advertising content. Giving the company name in the header is not absolutely necessary - it is not a business card. The second important issue is the graphic elements of the leaflet. Misz - you have colors and gradients, as well as a multitude of images or different fonts will give the impression of chaos and instead of attracting attention - will disperse it.

Do not forget about the back of the leaflet - it's a lot of space to develop! On the second page you can place a presentation of products or menus, as well as a directions map. If you choose the form of a promotional coupon, remember to specify the expiry date of the promotion and call for action! Last but not least, I think the most important thing is to ensure that the leaflet contains up-to-date contact details. There is nothing worse than a potential interested customer who will not have the opportunity to contact you!