Dresses for every day - for autumn and winter

Dresses for every day - for autumn and winter

The decrease in temperature is not a reason to forget about dresses for a few months. After all, most of us do not feel as feminine and attractive in any other outfit.

Dresses are not an outfit that can only be worn in spring or summer. Of course, models designed to be worn in colder months are slightly different - they differ in length, material or colours. They are warmer and fit well with typical autumn and winter accessories such as thick tights, leather boots and heavy boots. Check which dresses we will wear this autumn and during the upcoming winter.

Focus on animal prints

In the coming months, fashion will be completely dominated by animal patterns. The most desirable will be dresses with a leopard, tiger, zebra or snake leather motif. Clothes maintained in this climate can be found in most of the most important designers and in the collections of the most popular shops.

Many women are worried that animal prints may look kitschy or even vulgar - especially if they are placed on a dress. Needless to say! A camouflage dress can be a good outfit even for the office, as long as you combine it with the right accessories. The safest way to get to know the animal motif is to juxtapose it with black. Wear a fashionable slipper dress with thick black tights, black boots and oversized black cardigan. You will look stylish and at the same time not provocative.

Knitted or crocheted fabric with golf

Golf dresses are very original and warm at the same time. Thick knitwear will keep you warm even when the temperature drops below zero. The dresses fit perfectly with opaque tights and tall boots or musketeers. You can wear them with a leather ramonesque, jeans katana, woollen coat and even a down jacket. In addition, golf dresses are extremely versatile - you can wear them for work, party and date.

In popular shops you will find golf dresses in many colors and patterns. If you are a minimalist, you can choose a classic, grey or black model. If you would like to breathe some colour into your hairstyles, opt for an intensive colour dress - this season burgundy and bottle green is particularly fashionable!

Would you like to go a bit crazy? Choose a dress with a distinctive pattern. In addition to animal prints, the top has a grid and plant motifs - especially in the style of the "winter garden", i.e. with flowers placed on a dark background.