Company calendars - why is it still worth investing in this gadget?

Company calendars - why is it still worth investing in this gadget?

The end of each year is a time when there is growing interest in the gadget, which will be used every day for 365 days. That's why it's high time to consider whether to bet on company calendars as well. It might seem that all the reminders and notes are now in phones or computers, and paper calendars are being forgotten. However, if we enter the office quickly let's see that paper calendars are still present there.

Year-round promotion

When it comes to corporate gadgets, it is still one of the most popular forms of promotion outside and keeping in touch with customers. Daily visual contact with the company logo will certainly build brand awareness, and this will build a better contact with other companies. Unlike, for example, rarely used umbrellas, the calendar will be a gadget, which will often be taken in your hand and thanks to this the logo will really be noticeable. That is why it will be worth thinking about such a form of gadget.

Types of company calendars

Deciding to promote your company through a calendar of your choice we have several types. The choice will be determined by several factors, budget, purpose, characteristics of the industry. Each calendar also has its own advantages. Wall calendars are certainly the largest area that can be used for brand advertising.

Company organisation

Particularly one-piece, which will be accompanied by graphics referring to the company, will be a great choice, because it will be possible to build a good image of the company and its better recognition right away. Among wall calendars there are also spiral calendars, which are similar in format to single calendars and monthly translation improves the graphic design of such a calendar.

Often when buying a company's calendar, the choice will fall on a poster form, which gives a lot of space for advertising slogans, but does not involve the user like other types of calendars. A desk will also be an attractive place for a calendar from the marketing side. This is why pyramids, i.e. desk calendars, are very popular. The advantage is that the brand logo will be placed on both sides of the calendar, so it will be seen by both the person in the office and the customer who will appear there. They are available with a monthly or weekly layout, where there is also an option to take notes if necessary.

The advantage of such a calendar will certainly be its cost, as it will be possible to buy it cheaper than a wall calendar. Another category will be planners, desk pads, where in addition to the calendar there will also be space for notes, and in addition, this option will also provide protection of the worktop, e.g. against ink or drinks. The large format makes it possible to place a logo and an advertising slogan there as well. Planners are produced on a monthly basis, so they will usually consist of 12 cards. Large cards make the whole thing clear and comfortable during use. It is worth getting acquainted with these proposals and looking for something interesting for the company.