Advertising campaign with the use of leaflets - it is worth knowing!

Advertising campaign with the use of leaflets - it is worth knowing!

Advertising leaflets are solutions that we encounter almost every day. We can find them in the mailbox, in the newspaper and even behind the wiper of the car. Today they are so common and intrusive that we almost always throw them away without the need to familiarize ourselves with their content. Does this not mean, then, that they are not an excessively effective medium for advertising content?

Contrary to such opinions, leaflets are still a great way for local companies to reach as many potential customers as possible relatively quickly. The costs associated with their production are not large at all, and yet we are able to inform a wide audience about who we are and how we differ from our competitors.

Advertising leaflets and their effectiveness

Very often we can hear that since we all use the Internet today, traditional advertising media, both leaflets and posters, no longer have a raison d'être. There are also opinions that their effectiveness is zero. Meanwhile, it turns out that we are dealing with a myth willingly propagated mainly by those people who use this form of promotion in an ill-considered way. If we flood an entire housing estate with leaflets about industrial machinery, we do not really spend the best money on advertising, but it does not mean that the assumptions we made were good.

Advertising with the use of leaflets makes sense especially when it is addressed to people who are interested in such an offer, even potentially. It is not a breakthrough discovery, since every type of advertisement that we can encounter today works on similar principles. Even the best designed leaflet will not bring spectacular results if we distribute it in an area that has little in common with the achievement of our goals. In such cases, the response may be less than one percent, which means that our marketing strategy does not make sense and needs to be corrected as quickly as possible.

Are the leaflets effective?

How to test the effectiveness of leaflets?

There is no single way to investigate how effective our leaflet campaign is. Surely the easiest way to evaluate it is to give information about the discount, which can be used after showing the leaflet. Another way is to place a specially prepared e-mail address and telephone number for such needs. It will not hurt to ask customers directly how they learned about the existence and offer of our company.

Features of a good flyer?

When planning such advertising campaigns, one should not forget about the importance of the appearance of the leaflet itself. It is supposed not only to attract customers' attention, but also to keep it long enough for them to be able to receive the most important message. In practice, this means that the leaflet should be designed professionally and elegantly. It must also be useful for the recipient, and thus include the benefit that will make him or her want to take advantage of this type of solution. Free samples, discounts, larger portions - there are many possibilities.