5 Tips On How to Save Energy

5 Tips On How to Save Energy

The truth is that we waste huge amounts of energy every single day. But it is also the truth that even tiny details make a difference. Enjoy our 5 tips on how to save money and energy. Choose at least one or two and soon you will have a few extra bucks in your wallet. If you're a thrifty person, this article is for you! 

1. LED Bulbs

According to research done by Energy Star, 12 percent of our annual energy bill goes for lighting. The great solution is to choose bright and cheap LED bulbs which can dramatically reduce this huge wattage usage. When traditional, incandescent bulbs consumes 40-60 watts per light, an equivalent LED version needs 7-9 watts. Such bulbs are more expensive, but they can serve you even for 20 years! 

2. Turn Off Ceiling Fans

Are you a fan of fans? Well, you probably leave them on to cool the air even if you're not around. The truth is, such circulation is totally useless. Fans don't cool the air at all – they just make us believe so by providing the sense of cooling. Save a fave bucks and turn the fans off while leaving the room!

3. Smart Thermostat

If we're talking about cooling and heating, let's switch to the matter of operation. How to raise IQ of your thermostat? Pick one with time and date programming or a version with Wi-Fi connection, motion detection and ability to pick up on your daily routine – it doesn't matter what a fancy choice will you make. The thing that can help is programming a thermostat to be warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter while you're gone. As it was with the fans, acting opposite is a waste. With a smart thermostat you can do even more, for example program temperatures for the times when you are home (few degrees more at 2am in the summer will do). Be energy efficient but stay comfort at the same time. You can always ask your energy provider if they give free smart thermostats to their favorite, handsome customers (that means you)!


4. Unplug Energy Vampires

Power adapters, cell phone chargers, millions of cables that go nowhere and disappear in the dark...They all are dangerous suckers of energy which draw electrical currents even if you don't actually use them. In fact, the U.S Department of Energy tends to call them 'energy vampires' and warns people against leaving them plugged when they're not in use. Power strips are also life savers (or at least money savers) – consider buying these with energy saving features.

5. Cool Water Heaters

There are more large perpetrators of energy use, and your water heater is in the lead. Only few of us enjoy taking regular cold showers, and most of us just can not do without such device. Of course, if your water is powered by gas, it is far more efficient way of consuming energy. Bt if your water heater is electric, not all is lost yet. Some electric companies offer their customers programs that are based on installing a device which turn water heaters on and off automatically (quite similar to smart thermostat mentioned above). Just program the ties while you bathe the most frequently and turn it off when nobody's home or everybody's sleeping.