5 tips for beginner hairdressers

5 tips for beginner hairdressers

A good hairdresser is one who is able to combine the client's expectations with his or her artistic vision. In order to achieve perfection and be able to satisfy every customer, it takes a lot of work and hours spent on improving your skills. Here are five tips to help you succeed!

1. education!

It is not necessarily a matter of obtaining titles and certificates, although graduation from school will be necessary in the profession of hairdresser. A lot of practice and self-confidence are useful features, but they are not enough to be the best. Every hairdresser needs to know the chemical ingredients of hair care products, styling products, paint compositions, how to calculate concentrations and choose proportions.

2. create, change, help people

Effects on customers' hair are the best showcase for anyone who wants to be a valued hairdresser. The most important thing is to choose the right hairstyle for the shape of the face, type of beauty and personality of the person. You need to look at it as a whole so that the hair is a complement to the rest of the look.

3. openness and communicativeness is an attitude!

A harmonious team at work is essential to be creative and to create great hairstyles. Therefore, it is worth taking care of relations between employees and maintaining an inspiring atmosphere in the hairdressing salon. The client will surely feel the positive aura and the atmosphere of mutual respect and sympathy, and thus will feel better during the service.

4. training and re-training

You can't be a good hairdresser without knowledge of the aforementioned theoretical fundamentals. However, they will be of no use if there is a lack of education on the latest trends in fashion, new techniques and cosmetic novelties. As you know, standing still is really a backward step, so you should not let yourself be left behind with fashion.

5. Inspiration

The hairdresser should be guided above all by his sense of intuition and be inspired by what surrounds him. Imagination helps a lot in this profession. There are many ways to draw inspiration that is actually available at your fingertips. You can take part in shows, workshops or fairs, which are organized in practically every city. It is also worth talking to and seeking advice from more talented and experienced hairdressers, who can pass on their knowledge and skills.

Beginnings in any profession are difficult, but surely following these advices you can work on yourself and become a better and better hairdresser who awakens the trust of customers.